Team of Destiny.

Welcome to the Super Bowl! Where dreams are realized, legends are made, and teams establish their destiny.


It's been said the Baltimore Ravens are the team of destiny for this Super Bowl. They've fought adversities, had things go their way, Ray Lewis is playing his last game. They beat the Patriots, the old dynasty.

I've got two words for this.


The 49ers don't give a honey badger about destiny. Did we have the other side lose their premier corner during the game? No. Did we have Brady do a stupid and forget to call a timeout? No. Did we have a team that forgot how to catch? No.

Our Ravens brethren like to state the regular season don't matter. Only the playoffs. So let's look at the Championship games.

The Ravens v Patriots. The Patriots lost their best TE before the game. During the game, they lost a valuable RB and their best CB. Their QB, known for being able to be rattled, got rattled. The Ravens went in hungry, the Patriots went in ho-hum. That mistake probably cost them the game, and allowed the "team of destiny" to get to the Super Bowl.

Now, the 49ers v Falcons. The Falcons just beat a red-hot Seahawk team. They had their key players in. Matty Ice was red-hot along with their two premier WR's and Gonzales. With the monkey off their back, destiny looked to favor the Falcons. When they started the game, a blown coverage gave the Falcons the early lead. Over the next quarter, they developed a 17-point lead. Insurmountable. The Niners hadn't overcome a point deficit like that all season.

Did they give in to Destiny? Did they just surrender? No. They told destiny to take a hike and grabbed their opportunity. They fought. They never gave up. When it looked like Ryan, who had a great day thus far, would throw a winning pass, Bowman told destiny to stick it.

Why is this important to tomorrow's game? Because the 49ers are not about to just give up. They know how to play and adapt. (See: Falcons scored nothing in second half despite great offensive numbers) They are hungry. They have been disrespected, and have something to prove.

Do we really think that the Mad Scientist will let his got-everything-he-wanted big brother to just get a trophy because it's his destiny? Do we honestly think that after the pain and suffering, the decade of shame endured, that we're going to let a bunch of carrion-scavenging car pooping bullying BIRDS get the trophy because destiny says it belongs to them?

It is time for the San Francisco 49ers team to pound destiny to the turf and TAKE the Lombardi trophy.

We have the best TEAM in the NFL. Our team compliments each other, helps each other out. We don't have one or two superstars. We have a TEAM. And after this Sunday, everyone in the NFL will know it.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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