49ers Mock Draft (4 Rounds)

Round 1(31)- Jonathan Hankins DT, Ohio State

At 6' 4" 322 lbs. Hankins is a massive tackle who can take up a ton of space. Even though he wont put up huge sack numbers he still generates a decent pass rush and he is a superior run stopper. Defensive line is a need as we are getting old at that position and don't have a lot of depth. It is highly likely that the 49ers wont be able to re-sign RJF so it will be a high priority to draft D-Line and Hankins can play both NT and DE in a 3-4.

Round 2 (61)- Ryan Swope WR, Texas A&M

Yes, this is a bit of a reach in the 2nd round but after the numbers he put up at the combine I think that he will be flying up the draft boards. The guy has solid hands and excellent route running skills. He will be a perfect addition to this offense as he will create match up problems in the slot. The only knock on the guy going into the combine was that he lacked speed to separate from defenders. He definitely proved that wrong by running in the 4.3's. I still am a fan of A.J. Jenkins and feel that he will develop into the #2 WR but if not Swope has the potential to play outside if need be but ultimately would be best in the slot.

Round 3 (74)- Brandon Jenkins DE/OLB, FSU

A natural pass rusher, whose best trait is probably his quickness off the ball to go along with good instincts in reacting to the ball. 49ers need to add another pass rushing threat other than Aldon Smith. I think Jenkins fits the bill as that pass rushing specialist.

Round 3 (93)- Shamarko Thomas SS, Syracuse

I believe that the 49ers will bring Goldson back at FS but SS could use some help. Whitner's played declined this year and was a liability in coverage. Its time to draft a guy who can bring depth to the position and can eventually take over for Whitner. Thomas is a special player who has both power and speed. He is an excellent run stopper and is also good in coverage. He is a big hitter and will make opposing players fear him. One of my favorite players in this draft

Round 4 (125)- Tyrann Mathieu CB, LSU

Taking a huge risk right here taking Mathieu because of the off the field issues but I think we are a team who has the luxury to take that risk and have strong leadership in place to help this kid overcome his troubles and stay clean. He is a second round talent that we could get in the 4th. He is a pretty good athlete with who has above average coverage skills but has great ball skills and can make a lot of plays. Also, Ted Ginn is most likely gone and Mathieu can more than fill his shoes in that role as he is special in the return game. The potential reward of this kid is well worth the risk.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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