Post-KC Trade Mock Draft Ver. 1

Pick 31 - John Jenkins, DT, Georgia

49ers starting NT Isaac Sopoaga's level of play declined last year and so did his snap count (defensive snaps were down from 416 in 2011 to 335 in 2012). While one reason for the decline is an increase in defensive Sub packages (Sopoaga doesn't play in Nickel and Dime), the other reason is that Sopoaga wasn't that effective when he was on the field. According to Pro Football Focus, Sopoaga ranked 82nd out of 85 interior defensive linemen and struggled to hold up against the run in 2012. The 49ers need to add depth and upgrade their DL talent. John Jenkins, at 359 pounds, is a strong and wide run defender who can eat up double teams. Jenkins has long enough arms (33 1/8) and quick enough feet to line up at both NT and DE in the Niners' front. However, Jenkins' size means he isn't much of a pass rusher and he has a tendency to wear down in games, as in this scouting video vs Missouri. Jenkins probably needs to slim down to 335 lbs in order to stay on the field longer for Coach Fangio. ~ Starving Scout, 49ers Team Analyst (straight from drafttek but I must say I agree with them on this pick.)

Pick 34 (from Kansas City) - Datone Jones, DE, UCLA or Margus Hunt, DE, SMU

If I had my choice here I would take Datone Jones hands down. Hunt may have been a workout warrior at the combine but Jones has been playing football his whole life and he loves the game. Hunt is a track and field star who was converted because he is a monster. Regardless of who the pick is here either will be training as Justin Smiths inevitable replacement as well as filling in much needed depth.

Pick 61 - Jonathan Cyprien, SS, Florida Intl. or TJ McDonald, SS, USC

TJ comes from past 49er Tim McDonald. He is a good tackler with hard hitting ability and my thoughts on this are that we resign Goldson and let McDonald learn behind Whitner for a year and then let Whitner walk, after his mundane performance in the Super Bowl. Cyprien has been on a rise these last couple of weeks and I think he could come in and try to win a starting position.

Pick 74 - David Amerson, CB, North Carolina State

What a steal. This kid had a pretty good combine, and turned some heads. He ran a 4.4 40 yard dash and he's 6'2" with long arms.Grabbing some depth here or grabbing a star? I truly believe this kid translates into a star and he will rival the dreadhead up north. He will come in and push for starting time in the Nickel but most likely will be a Dime CB his first year. I would be ecstatic with this pick here.

Pick 93 - Brandon Jenkins, OLB/DE, FSU

This kid will come in and play a situational pass rusher role like Aldon Smith. He can grow and learn and eventually start pushing in on Ahmad Brooks playing time. I love Ahmad but having Aldon Smith and another great pass rusher opposite him makes me way more excited for the future. Regardless more depth never hurt any team.

Pick 125 - Tyrann Mathieu, CB, LSU

But we just took a CB last round...Honey Badger don't care! Shouldn't we try and find some more depth or fill some more needs?...Honey Badger Don't Care!!! Honey Badger is a game changer! Honey Badger makes plays! Honey Badger may have some off the field issues, and Honey Badger may not even be around this late in the draft! But if Honey Badger is here in the 4th, you damn well better take the Honey Badger!

Pick 150 - Levine Toilolo, TE, Stanford

Yet another player who is projected in the 5th but might not make it to this pick, if so it's just a depth pick that we need. Expect us to find a TE in free agency if we can't resign Walker, but this kid is someone who Harbaugh should know and who should know the system. His 6'7" height means if he does learn quickly he could be a great red zone target for Kaepernick.

Pick 157 - Denard Robinson, WR/QB, Michigan

Drafting him here as a slot WR doesn't hurt. Dude is a play maker and tell me that you can't envision a sweep hand off to him that he stops and throws back to Kaepernick for a 80 yard scamper TD. It already makes me want to cheer for him. Purely a luxury pick.

Pick 172 - Jeff Baca, OL, UCLA

Baca played multiple O-line positions at UCLA. He might need to put on some more weight but this could be a late round project who might actual be able to make the 53-man roster, not just practice squad fodder.

Pick 189 - Caleb Sturgis, K, Florida

When you have a pretty dire need, sometimes you reach. Well some people may think you should grab a kicker in the 7th or get a UDFA, but in my opinion when there is a clear best kicker you make sure you lock that kid down. Instant replacement for David Akers, and we free up some cap space but cutting Akers. Winning!

Pick 212 - Brandon McGee, CB, Miami

Yet another DB? Well Gentlemen (and Ladies if there are any here) our weakest position is our secondary. So why not draft some youth to see if we can find a diamond in the rough. Chances our we can polish off at least one turd.

Pick 221 - Insert your favorite project here

To be honest I have nobody else in mind here. We are basically gonna grab a project here so insert your favorite and give my mock draft bonus points because I'm thinking of you!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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