A Total Mockery

Like many of you, all these draft picks (15!) have prompted me to play arm chair GM, and muse at the potential of this class to shore up any remaing weakness in the niners already great roster. Ive looked over a number of mock drafts, agreeing and disagreeing along the way, therefor some of my pick will likely look familiar to others out there. Please feel free to tear mine apart utterly, offer constructive criticism, informative insights, or even irrelevant exclamations. This is all for fun, so since I can't wait until the real thing, here goes!

Round 1: SS Matt Elam) I think all of us noticed that Donte Whitner went from a moderate coverge safety last year to a sub par one this year. His tacking skills are still awesome, but waiting until after the catch to find the reciever is too much like watching Nate Clemmons again. Matt's films show alot of talent and enthusiasm for the game. Taking the most well rounded safty available is the goal here. Someone that once coached at this level, wont struggle with getting to the ball in the air or punishing those who's hand it is in.

Round 2: Margus Hunt DE (Thank you Alex) His age (25) is the only reason he would even go in the second round. A dominant athlete is needed to sub in for Justin and eventully replace him (sad thought). Even if it is just 4-5 years, they should be fun ones with this monster on the edge.

Round 2: Brandon Williams DT) The obivious need for added depth on the defensive line, and the large group of big scary DTs in this draft led me to this oger. His impressive sack numbers and abundant playing time show he has both skill and stamina. In short, the most impressive DT I found, that isnt expected to be taken by this point.

Round 3: Da'Rick Rodgers WR) Like everyone else, I'd rather draft Patterson. Da'Rick's YAC potential is not nearly as high, but I like the size, hands, and top end speed this young man offers. With these, he has the makings of a deep threat that could be our future Moss.

Round 3: Gavin Escobar TE) After Ertz and Eifert are gone, to me, this guy stands far above those who are remaining, at least in my opinion. While his lanky build makes some hesitate on his blocking potential, the talent this guy has is tremendous. With an NFL weight regimen, and emulating Vernon as much as possible in it, Colin will have too many weapons to be fair. Least that is the plan.

Round 3: David Amerson CB) Looking to the best CB available here. While I admit I have'nt done much research on David, the sheer number of niners fans chanting his name must mean something. He is a decent size corner (6'1") with the potential to be the niner's version of Browner. Bottom line someone needs to come up when Carlos is gone, and David seems a solid pick.

Round 4: Marcus Lattimore RB(doubtful)/Mike Catapano DE This is my gamble round, where it could be huge boom or total bust. Lattimore is undenyably good, with the potential to be great... If he heals. I doubt he would be available at round 4 because other teams have greater need at RB than we do, and would likely have selected him at this point, betting on modern medicine. Alternative Mike Catapano is a DE who's film shows awesome strengh, speed, and skill. His hailing from Princeton is the only excuse I've seen for why he isnt regarded MUCH higher. He is a gifted end that could give Aldon time to catch his breath, while not relenting pressure on those substitution downs.

Round 5: Gerald Hodges OLB) Well build LB that has the size and speed to be outside or inside. Has the potential to fight his way on the roster should Grant, Haralson, or Haggans be on their way out.

Round 5: Larentee McCray OLB) Same sentiment as Hodges. Both seem good to me, and roughly equal. Im a fan of a gross LB squad, so I would like to see strong competition at this position.

Rounds 6,6,7,7,7,7)I'm out of names at this point. It is unlikely that all of these lower picks will be here, as they will likely be used to move up in certain rounds. If there were any left I would grab an ofenssive lineman, another corner or 2, and running back. I know youre thinking no QB or WR!? I have gathered that this draft was'nt perticularly stocked with either of those two positions to begin with, so assuming that is the case, I would look to the FA pool for any desired depth in those categories. That's it! Make it happen Trent!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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