The Ghost of Bill Walsh Kaepernicking Into Jim Harbaugh's Legacy

Guess who is roaming in the hallways of the 49ers' headquarters, almost morphing into current head coach Jim Harbaugh?

None other than the ghost of legendary head coach Bill Walsh.

Harbaugh is Walsh, Seifert, and Mooch all rolled into one. Harbaugh is amazing, (or should we call him an amazing thinker) the way he indulges in his most capable staff and relentless players, he not only came into a great situation, but played his cards right.

And come to think of this: he actually spent time with Walsh and picked his brain. His offensive coordinator spent a day and half with Wolfpack head coach Ault. Kaepernick, the new star, learned pretty much under previous starter, Alex Smith.

It is almost like watching a dazzling display of Solaris illuminating the universe, all colors blended and working together. It is now 2013, and gone are the days of the slow lead-footed quarterbacks who are nothing but aerial pocket passers. Now we have Cam Newton, RG3, and now Kaepernick, not to mention Seattle's Wilson. A new generation of fleet-footed strong-armed quarterbacks. It used to be "fast running QB with weak throwing arm." Or, a fast QB who cannot run.

Kaepernick has it all- he is fast like a horse galloping to the end zone, he can unleash a bomb straight into the hands of Vernon Davis with touch, he in my dreams would knock me out while running to break every record there is to break.

And my goodness, he has long legs. He runs like a Lamborghini, you know? Not even Woodson, the Green Bay veteran cornerback can get an angle on him. Woodson was completely reduced to a non-factor by Kap's blind speed. Kap truly runs like a gazelle.

Kap even single-handly turned the 49ers into Texas Tech for WR Crabtree, restoring him to his collegiate glory days when he scored 42 touchdowns in his career.

Bless Bill Walsh. Every coach that sought him out or is invited for a talk by Walsh has proved a gold mine of wisdom to be gleaned from. Bill Walsh would not waste his time with a tasteless, below average football coach, who wouldn't learn anything anyway. Walsh and Harbaugh counted each other worthy of their time for each other, which spoke volumes.

Even in the aftermath of a devastating 5-yard long loss to the heady Ravens (count themselves lucky), a team that couldn't even find the Lombardi Trophy in the hours after their Super Bowl XLVII win until the football gods returned it reluctantly, I am enthused over the fact Kap will spend another offseason under Harbaugh's tutelage and more pleased that Kap will start throwing to 49er receivers including AJ Jenkins in about a week, if I heard correctly.

Would I find Titus Young trampling on the cocoa cheerios cereal chemistry that when lined up perfectly, we have milk on our lips? Titus would milk away the chemistry, devouring even the cocoa puffs crumbs, and every little remnant of the 49er dynasty if he managed to convince Harbaugh to give him a chance at cracking the roster. Thank goodness, though, Harbaugh is too smart for that kind of folly.

What Harbaugh loves about the 49ers, is the fact he can walk past Bill Walsh's photo everyday in the 49ers' training center and headquarters, and to carry on daily conversations with the ghost of Bill Walsh.

Probably, in all certainty, the ghost of Bill Walsh is seeing Harbaugh through to a future Super Bowl win and championship.

While Mooch, who was influential in 49ers legacy, sticks to sports broadcasting and Seifert reminisces about his highly successful coaching career with the Niners while fishing, Harbaugh will be following their footsteps as well.

In the afterlife, all of them will be Kaepernicking with Kap as their aerobics instructor.

Especially Jim Harbaugh.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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