Post Superbowl Mock Draft - Rounds 1-4

Hey NN,

This is my first attempt at a little mock draft. The passed few years I've been pretty into researching various prospects and decided to finally put fingers to keyboard. I have our needs as S, DL, CB, WR, OLB, KICKER (caps lock). Thankfully we have a lot of picks this draft to move up, or stock pile prospects. I believe our defense needs quality depth and to get younger in a few areas. Also, this draft is relatively deep in 3-4 linemen as well as safeties. Constructive criticism and comments are welcome. Obviously its too soon to really gauge who is going where in the draft, this is for fun so we can look towards the future of our franchise.

Pick 31- Johnathan Jenkins DT, Georgia. At 6'3" 359lbs, Jenkins is a force in the middle. He is great stopping the run and should do well filling gaps and allowing the linebackers to do their job. He is surprisingly agile and quick for how massive he really is. Sopoga may be retained, but this is an area where we need to get quality prospects. Some of you may have noticed we have not invested many picks into the D-line in the early rounds, sans Balmer....ouch. Conditioning may be an issue for Jenkins, but we do play a good amount of snaps in our nickel formation.

Pick 61- Tony Jefferson S, Oklahoma. Jefferson is a hard hitting, versatile safety with above average zone and man coverage skills. His height is not ideal at 5'11" but he is also taller than Whitner. Honestly I have mixed emotions on whether or not Goldson gets resigned. He wants big $$ and he has been exciting to watch, but I think they let him walk and he gets money elsewhere. Jefferson should be able to play either spot (most likely SS) and would add good competition to the position. Should run in the 4.4~ range at the combine.

Pick 74 (from Carolina)- Da'Rick Rogers WR, Tennessee Tech. Rogers could have possibly gone in the 1st round if he had not been kicked off of Tennessee. He possesses good size at 6'3" 205lbs and has solid speed. Red flags land him in the 3rd and this could be a great value pick. This isn't the teams prototypical pick, but they are willing to take on red flags like Cox and Moss.

Pick 93- Sio Moore OLB, Connecticut. Moore is of smaller stature around 6'1" 240lbs but is explosive and should work fairly well in space. He had a good week of practice at the east-west shrine game. Haralsons future with the team is up in the air after coming off a major injury.

Pick 125- Gavin Escobar TE, San Diego. This is kind of an off the wall pick for me. Escobar is 6'6" 255lbs and would give us a huge red zone target. He could slide in for Walker and take over his role. How he performs at the combine will be interesting.

Also draft Dustin Hopkins out of FSU because we need a kicker. Thanks.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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