2013 NFL Draft Order: 49ers selecting No. 31 which means mock draft time!

Chris Chambers

We take a look at the final first round draft order, and open the floor for mock draft suggestions.

After six months of NFL and college football, the NFL Draft season is officially upon us. Free agency gets going before the Draft, but there will be plenty of activities to follow over the next two months. First and foremost, the Draft order is slowly being figured out. For now, we've got the complete first round.

I'm still trying to sort through the remaining rounds, but I believe this order is locked in through the remaining rounds. That is pertinent because it means the 49ers would have the No. 14 pick in the third round (via Carolina), the No. 24 pick in the fifth round (via Indianapolis) and the No. 12 pick in the sixth round (via Miami). I'm not positive on those, but that is what it would seem like at this point.

Later this weekend, I plan on getting out first mock draft database together. For those who are new since last offseason, each of the last several years I have put together a database with 30+ mock drafts. There are countless mocks out there, so this is simply mean tot be an unscientific selection. More often than not the mock drafts are incorrect, but they at least give us an idea where some folks see the 49ers drafting. Here is last year's mock draft database.

I'm going to grab some of the more well-known mocks, but I like to include mocks from lesser known sites. If you have any suggestions for good mocks to include, let me know in the comments. I am looking for people that frequently update their mock draft and have a general idea of what they're doing.

Here's your first round draft order (via Mocking The Draft)

1. Kansas City Chiefs 2-14, .516 SOS

2. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-14, .539

3. Oakland Raiders 4-12, .469

4. Philadelphia Eagles 4-12, .508

5. Detroit Lions 4-12, .566

6. Cleveland Browns 5-11, .508

7. Arizona Cardinals 5-11, .559

8. Buffalo Bills 6-10, .480

9. New York Jets 6-10, .512

10. Tennessee Titans 6-10, .512

11. San Diego Chargers 7-9, .457

12. Miami Dolphins 7-9, .500

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7-9, .502

14. Carolina Panthers 7-9, .516

15. New Orleans Saints 7-9, .521

16. St. Louis Rams 7-8-1, .539

17. Pittsburgh Steelers 8-8, .465

18. Dallas Cowboys 8-8,.523

19. New York Giants 9-7, .521

20. Chicago Bears 10-6, .512

21. Cincinnati Bengals 10-6, .438

22. St. Louis Rams (from Washington Redskins) 10-6, .494

23. Minnesota Vikings 10-6, .520

24. Indianapolis Colts 11-5, .441

25. Seattle Seahawks 11-5, .504

26. Green Bay Packers 11-5, .508

27. Houston Texans 12-4, .496

28. Denver Broncos 13-3, .457

29. New England Patriots 12-4,.496

30. Atlanta Falcons 13-3, .422

31. San Francisco 49ers 11-4-1, .504

32. Baltimore Ravens 10-6, .496

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