Golden Nuggets: All Revis, all the time

Bye ya'll, going to holdout again - Rich Barnes-US PRESSWIRE

Friday, March 1st, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Interwebs.

Good morning folks. If you happen to come across any typos in this piece (or more than usual), please be gentle. I'm coming down with pretty severe carpal tunnel and had to buy one of those ergonomic keyboards, In other words I have to relearn how to type for the most part.

Actually, aside from this intro, all you lovely ladies and gents are treated to links VERY PROFESSIONALLY typed up by my fiancee, the girlie. So ya'll are lucky or some such.

Anyway, the big news since I last did the Nuggets was that he San Francisco 49ers made a deal on a trade with Alex Smith, sending him to the Kansas City Chiefs for what might be some awesome draft picks. It sounds like the 49ers got a second-round pick at least in the deal. I'm not entirely sure I believe that the deal could be as high as two second rounders, but that would be awesome.

That said, if it does include that, I don't necessarily think that the Chiefs got fleeced or anything like that. I feel that Smith is worth the price of admission, I'm just somewhat unconvinced that the 49ers actually would have carried him on the roster in 2013,

Anyway, we'll get to your links.

49ers shouldn't gamble on Darrelle Revis (BA Sports Guy)

Kaepernick says Smith will be successful (Gin)

Ear buds: Kaepernick calls Smith "great friend, great mentor" (Barrows)

San Francisco 49ers 2013 Offseason Preview (SI)

Joe Hastings signs with 49ers, again (Branch)

Weirdness of NFL Combine gets weirder (SFGate)

Pick-by-pick look at the 49ers' draft haul (Barrows)

Olympic wrestler adds physicality to Aldon Smith's offseason training (CSN Bay Area)

Is depth lacking on 49ers' defensive line? (Maiocco)

Poole: Should the San Francisco 49ers pursue Darelle Revis? (Mercury News)

Las Vegas sets bar for Chiefs' Alex Smith (CSN Bay Area)

Darrelle Revis trade to San Francisco 49ers unlikely (NFL)

Anthony Davis and Terell Suggs engage in a multimedia slapfight (PFT)

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