Draft-Crush Madden-Style Multi-Scenario 2k13 Draft

So here's the idea: as the Armchair GM, I'm faced with an abundance of picks, and not quite enough roster spots for the lot of them. I have a few glaring needs (Secondary, DL), several depth concerns, and a small handful of positions that I should be looking to the future. As I prognosticate, it's nearly impossible to guess what kind of trades are going to go down, although it's a virtual certainty that some of the myriad 6ths and 7ths get packaged or moved into 2014.

I've provided multiple scenarios, which may or may not be clear to you. The general idea is that if a specific highly rated 'BPA' guy falls to me, I take him. That, however, changes some needs, and makes the drafting of positions a bit more important. Before you dive in, I WILL BE DRAFTING BOTH HONEY BADGER AND LATTIMORE. If that puts you off immediately, well, that's unfortunate.

1st Round: S Matt Elam (A) (Scenario B: Tyler Eifert)

The first round takes a highly rated safety to help ease the pain of our secondary play in the playoffs & the departure of Dashon Goldson. If Tyler Eifert were to be available, I'd select him instead, and look towards the later rounds for help in the secondary. Note: the Eifert pick is highly dependent on Delanie. The only deterrent to picking Eifert would be Delanie resigning with a very lucrative contract.

2nd Round(from KC): NT Jesse Williams (A,B) (Scenario C: WR Quinton Patton)

A few picks later, I take the massive mountain of a man, Jesse Williams as our new NT. This allows me some wiggle room with regards to Sopoaga, who greatly underperformed in 2012. Depending on how FA turns out [h/t Chesapeake for planting the Sammie Lee Hill seed in my brain garden], the option to take Quinton Patton early in the 2nd round may present itself. If Eifert was selected in the first round, this option nullifies itself immediately.

2nd Round: DT Margus Hunt

Without a doubt. We take him late in the second round. A very athletically intriguing player who is also very raw - we allow him to work with Tomsula on form, while spelling Ray & Justin from time to time. This allows him valuable game experience, and keeps the DL fresher, longer. This pick is going to have someone out there deciding to never talk to me again. As previously noted, well, that's unfortunate.

3rd Round(from CAR): CB Darius Slay (A, B) (Scenario C: NT Brandon Williams)

In the middle of the third round, we continue working on the secondary, assuming all has gone to plan in shoring up the defensive line. In the unlikely situation that we miss out on Jesse Williams, we take Brandon Williams here. I'd rather not, to be honest, because I'm not terribly confident in him to start - meaning we would be required without doubt to keep Sopoaga on the payroll for another year.

3rd Round: WR DaRick Rogers (Scenario B, C: Safety D.J. Swearinger)

In the ideal situation where we've succeeded in getting our DL and DB's, we take a luxury pick and take the troubled young DaRick Rogers. Now don't you dare sass me, this man would be 1st or 2nd round material if he weren't such an insufferable prick. However, if any of the previous plans to bolster our defense through the draft have failed, we hope and pray that Swearinger is still around. While I'm not his biggest fan in the 2nd round, I'm a huge supporter of his for the 3rd round. Funny how that works.

4th Round: Honey Badger (This is essentially a 5th, don't sweat the technique) (If gone: OLB Chase Thomas)

You gotta spend money to make money. And this guy - this guy is money. Even if he's not starting for a while, he's putting in work on ST, and learning, and not smoking the reefer. This is a blue-chip headcase, if his head can shrink a bit, he'll be one of the steals of the draft. But because I'm at the age where I'm learning that the world never works out the way you want it to, we have the option of picking up Chase Thomas. I would be mildly disappointed for about a week until I realize that we'll be okay with Tyrann. Somehow.

4th Round(COMP): Dustin Hopkins

Like hell we're letting this guy slip away.

5th Round(from IND): Lattimore

Here it is. Lattimore. The gamble of all gambles. I know there are some brilliant folks out there who agree that Lattimore would be perfect with the 49ers - we have a good stable of RBs that would allow this incredible athlete a year to work with professional-grade doctors and rehabilitation experts, who wouldn't be rushed into duty by some team that needs a ground game. Once he is able to get back to the game, he is there just in time to see our beloved Frank Gore gallop off to greener pastures. There are enough success stories (Gore, McGahee, AP) of RBs returning from knee injuries that I take the gamble. With that being said, he comes back 100%, we have the best stable of RBs the game has ever seen. He comes back 70%, we still have the best stable of RBs in the league. It's a win-win.

5th Round: RB LeVeon Bell (<---- This is an absolute MUST. Even with the Lattimore pick)

He's Boobie, but waaaaaaay better. Seriously, watch the film. This guy is a beast and a half. HUGE. STRONG. QUICK. GREAT VISION. Doesn't dance around the LoS like he's trying to get called up to some crappy reality TV show. He takes Boobie's spot (successfully, unlike that clown Brandon "Whine about my personal business affairs on social media" Jacobs. "VD," you might ask, "what about Boobies role on ST? He's a leader!". To that, I say, we should all begin to consider Boobie the new MRob. He's a special teams ace, a captain. If he makes the team, he makes the team. If not, HONEY BADGER WILL TAKE HIS SPOT ON ST.

6th Round(from MIA): C Khaled Holmes (If gone: TE Dion Sims, DE William Gholston)

I'd take a late flier on Holmes, the Center from USC. Lord knows if he even makes the roster, but if your Offensive Line isn't getting better, it's probably getting older, fatter, and worse.

Gholston won't last this long, but he'd be a neat pick-up. Dion Sims, while unfortunately not 6'8'' as I was led to believe, is still one heck of a player. If he's around, we pick him up and ship him on over with his buddy LeVeon Bell from Michigan State, and give Garrett Celek the boot after one last rousing round of "ogle his hot girlfriend", here at NN.

6th#31, 7th, UDFA :

WR Rodney Smith - Forgot who is campaigning for this guy. This shout out is for you.

[Athlete] Denard Robinson - Can't be a Madden draft without one bonkers pick.

DE Joe Kruger - Like Harbaugh, like Harbaugh.

TE Joseph Fauria - Because he's enormous. If he can put it together, would be a serviceable TE3

TE Levine Toilolololololololololol - In case Fauria stinks up the joint. This guy is ENORMOUS.

QB Colin Klein (why not, at this point) - I recognized the name & realized I didn't draft a QB.

OG Jeff Baca - Same reasoning as above - if your OL isn't improving, it's getting worse.

Note: I'm sticking with Margus, Lattimore, and Honey Badger. So don't even ask.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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