Niners' Offseason 1.0

Trade Alex Smith - Clear $9.5m in Cap Space - DONE

Release David Akers - Clear $3.5m in Cap Space - DONE

Release Parys Haralson - Clear $2.8m in Cap Space

Release Mario Manningham - Clear $4m in Cap Space (after $1m dead money)

Release Donte Whitner - Clear $4.1m in Cap Space (after $800K in dead money)

Re-structure Justin Smith's contract -- 3 years / $20m w/$6m signing bonus/$1m roster bonus/$2m base for 2013...all guaranteed......$1m roster bonus/$4m base in 2014...all guaranteed.......$1m RB/$5m base in 2015 NOT GUARANTEED)....reduced 2013 Cap Hit from $8m to $5m....saving $3m against the Cap.

This give us about $25m to work with. Although there are plenty of peripheral players making $400K -$600K with little or no dead money that could be dropped to increase this as necessary. Expecting about $5m to go to signing draft picks, we have $20 to sign FAs

Re-sign Goldson - 5 years / $35m ($5m in signing bonus, $18m guaranteed, Base Salaries of $4m - 2013, $5m - 2014, $6m - 2015, $7m - 2016, $8m - 2017...likely Cap Victim after 2015 season with only minimal dead money left) - $5m Cap Hit (OH, and make him our FREE Safety, not SS)

Re-sign Sopoaga - 2 years / $5.5m ($1m signing bonus, $2m 2013 base and $2.5m 2014 base...possible Cap Victim after 2013 season.) - $3m Cap Hit

Sign Donny Avery or Danny Amendola - 3 years / $19.5m ($3m SB/$10m guaranteed/$4.5m base in 2013, $5.5m base in 2013, and $6.5m base in 2015...leaving only a $3.5m cap hit in 2014 if released and only $1m cap hit in $2015 if released after 2014) - $5.5m Cap Hit

Sign DL depth...a Richard Seymore or John Abrahams. We have about $3.75m to spend on this person. Seymore could be had for less and for only one year...but obviously has less in the tank. Abrahams could be a dynamic choice, but isn't big enough to really play DE, except in 4-3 settings...and he would cost more and probably want more than one year. Either way is fine with me...but I'm leaning towards Abrahams.

Sign Josh Johnson as a veteran backup QB. He could be had on a 1 year / $750K contract, likely - $0.75m Cap Hit

Minor Resigning - Brock, McBath, and Gooden - Cost about $2m in 2013 - $2m Cap Hit

Let Walk - Moss, RJF, Walker (unless he's willing to take a contract where the cap hit would be around $2.5m in 2013), Ginn, L. Davis, Haggans, Grant and the rest of the FAs

Needs as of this point (not in order of importance): DE, NT, WR (height and speed), TE, SS, CB depth (we'll likely release Rogers after 2013), Future RB (Gore isn't getting any younger and Hunter and LMJ are both not every down backs), K, and ILB.

Current Picks - 31, 34, 61, 74, 93, 125, 4th round supp, 150, 157, 170, 189, 211, 221, 2-7th round supps.

Trades to make during the draft

-- picks 31 and 170 to Buffalo for picks 41 and 102

-- picks 150 and 211 to Tennessee for pick 135

-- picks 93 and a 2014 4th rd. pick to Washington for pick 85

-- pick 157 for a 2014 4th rd. pick.

Pick 31 - Jesse Williams - NT - Alabama

Pick 41 - Jonathan Cyprien - SS - Florida Int'l

Pick 61 - Margus Hunt - DT - SMU

Pick 74 - Aaron Dobson - WR - Marshall

Pick 85 - Darius Slay - CB - Mississippi St.

Pick 102 - Vance McDonald - TE - Rice

Pick 125 - Tyrann Mathieu - CB - LSU

4th Rd. Supp. Pick - Kevin Reddick - ILB - Oregon

Pick 135 - Knile Davis - RB - Arkansas

Pick 189 - Dustin Hopkins - K - Florida St.

Pick 221 - Emmett Cleary - OT - Boston College

1st 7th Rd. Supp. Pick - Zack Sudfeld - TE - Nevada

2nd 7th Rd. Supp. Pick - Braden Hansen - OC - BYU

Depth Charts

QB - Kaep / Johnson / Tolzien

RB - Gore / Hunter / LMJ / Dixon / Davis

FB - Miller (and Dixon)

WR - Crabtree / Jenkins / Amendola or Avery / Dobson / Williams / Hall

TE - V.Davis / McDonald / Celek / Sudfeld

OT - A. Davis / Staley / Wiggins / Cleary

OG - Iupati / Boone / Looney / Netter

OC - Goodwin / Kilgore / Hansen

K - Hopkins

DE - J. Smith / McDonald / Hunt / Abrahams / Dobbs

DT/NT - J. Williams / W. Tukuafu / I. Williams

OLB - A. Smith / Brooks / C. Johnson / Abrahams / Fleming

ILB - Willis / Bowman / Gooden / Willhoite / Reddick

CB - Brown / Rogers / Culliver / Mathieu / Slay / Brock / Cox

S - Cyprien / C. J. Spilman / Goldson / McBath / Robinson

P - Lee

Snapper - Jennings

Obviously things will change between now and draft day. Hell, things will change between now and tomorrow night. But at this point, I like this,

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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