Are 49ers actually interested in CB help in FA?

According to multiple reports, the Niners were in discussions with just about every major CB and their agents at the

NFLCombine just weeks ago. They have been reported to be a suitor for Sean Smith (personally I doubt this will

happen, considering his inconsistent play and expected large cap hit) and yes, even Derelle Revis (surprised?).

Being the most knowledgable 49er fans out there, do we need CB help? Is this a position that can be reasonably addressed in the draft (aka Trufant/Mathieu)? Culliver is an up and coming corner in this league. While T. Brown performed at a pretty high level this year, I don't see him in the future of this team considering the cap implications of resigning Kaep and Aldon Smith in the coming years. Rogers, in my book, is not nearly worth the 7.3 cap hit that he is due this year and should be a June 1 cut in order to save around 4m in cap space. All that being said... Is there room for a modest CB FA signing? (Sorry Revis)

According to a variety of sources, the Niners have, after the Boldin and Smith trades and Ian Williams deal, somewhere in the ballpark of 5.1m in cap room to sign rookies and possibly make any sort of further moves in free agency. I could be wrong on this, but this was the math I did.

Let's look at who's out there:

Nnamdi Asomugha

Derek Cox

Chris Houston

Keenan Lewis

Tracy Porter

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

Sean Smith

Aqib Talib

Cary Williams (why not steal another Raven?)

Antoine Winfield

Pacman Jones

Now, obviously there are a TON more options, these are just the more well-known ones that could contribute to this team immediately, in my opinion. If there are any others you feel are appropriate fits for the Niners, please let me know.

Now for my two cents....

I've been rooting for DRC now for weeks. Ever since I heard the Eagles were letting him walk I've been all over him. His stature (6'2") and blazing speed and incredible jumping ability make him more than just a great Madden corner, they make him a prototype DB who excels in man coverage who can both keep up and contain the ever-larger receivers in the league (I'm looking at you Fitzgerald, Calvin, Brandon Marshall). Now, I'm not an expert on the Niners' defensive system because most of the time I'm watching PWilly trying to lay the wood on just about anyone (or was that Bowman? Oh, who knows. They're practically the same anyway), but I'm fairly certain they run a mixture of zone and man either out of the base 3-4 or their Nickel set. Now, a lot of people have doubts about DRC. I see him as a Pro-Bowl player that was stupidly traded for an unproven quarterback into a system that didn't fit his style, and then was given orders on his defensive assignments by a poorly hired defensive coordinator (who was actually an O-line coach). Being that he's 26 and coming off of underwhelming seasons, I think we bring him in for around 4m a year, cut Rodgers to cover for the damage and from there have enough room to draft our rookies. He provides an immediate boost to our CB core and will compete with both Culliver and Brown for a starting slot, which I personally think he should get. If we're finding that our cap space is too narrow, we cut ties with Manningham and draft either Hunter, Patton or Rodgers to replace him. Now that I've revealed my bromance with DRC, what do you guys think?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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