49er Fan Mock Draft

I made major adjustments this time, as well a few trades-

  1. 1st round 31st pick DE Datone Jones
  2. 2nd round 2nd pick DT Jessie Williams
  3. 2nd round 31st pick CB Darius Slay
  4. 3rd round 12th pick FS Bacarri Rambo
  5. 3rd round 13th pick TE Gavin Escobar
  6. 4th round 3rd pick CB Tyrann Mathieu
  7. 4th round comp RB Marcus Lattimore
  8. 5th round 31st pick K Dustin Hopkins
  9. 7th round comp WR Brandon Kaufman
  10. 7th round comp ILB

49ers trade with NO

NO: 3.13/future 7

49ers: 3.31/6.31/7.21

49ers trade with OAK

OAK: 4.3

49ers: 4.31/ 5.24/7.31

My last and final mock draft despite future FA signings and trades. I think this would be a solid overall draft for the 49ers. I made this up after seeing an article from Ninersnation which linked to a mock draft having 49ers pick a CB in the 1st round. I highly disagree with picking a CB in our 1st round especially one that is ranked for the 3rd round.

1. I think we should use our 1st round on our much needed Justin Smith replacement for the future who can rotate in.

2. We also need depth at DT, Jessie Williams can compete for the starting job. He's simply a player too good to pass up especially with 49ers in need to fill that position.

3. This leads to CB selection. I think Darius Slay will eventually fall to the late 2nd round, which would be a steal for the 49ers. He was a great player in college, and I think it'll transfer great to the NFL.

4. We need a FS badly, and the best fit will be Bacarri Rambo. He is a smart, hard hitter, with great coverage skills. I know a lot of people might be screaming Eric Reid, but Reid had a bad senior year. He often got beat many times and Rambo is showing more promise.

5. Gavin Escobar is top 3 TE. No doubt about it. He will also be able to replace Delanie Walker. Him and Celek will compete for the 2nd spot.

6. Tyrann Mathieu may drop to the 4th round. If he does, 49ers should grab him by trading up. He might not fit as a CB, but he will be one helluva PR/KR. I've always disliked him in college simply due to the fact that I was cheering for Alabama. I want a guy like him on our team.

7. Marcus Lattimore is a good RB. His injury will take time to heal, but if he recovers fully, he can be dangerous for the 49ers when he is ready. I would not mind, since we already have a great RB set with Gore, Hunter, and LMJ.

8. Dustin Hopkins will be willing to grab him late 5th. I like the pick to grab him early

9. A 7th round comp for Brandon Kaufman will be a steal for the 49ers. He should be projected 4th round, but is projected 7th or undrafted. He is a good WR with strength, athleticism, and good hands.

I did not pick a SS simply due to the fact that it's a poor draft class for SS. NO TO MATT ELAM. No to him. In college, he was no good in coverage. He's only known for his defense against the run game, other than that he sucks. Whitner will be able to do better than any other rookies, and I have faith in him. I think he will be able to improve next year.

It covers about almost everything the 49ers need. This, I promise you eastbayniner, is my last mock draft. No more mocks from me! lol

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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