49ers Three Round Mock

Note: I completed this mock about 5 days ago as a preliminary mock but before starting a new one, I figured I'd share who I selected for the 49ers. I don't follow the draft as closely as others, but I figured I'd give it a shot.

I'm not a scout, so I figured I'd post a few excerpts from actual scouts on these players.

1st Round

#31- Sylvester Williams, DT, UNC

The 7th DT taken in my mock draft, and still a great pick in my eyes. I'd prefer if they traded up to get Sheldon Richardson (love him). Williams has a solid combination of size, strength, and speed. Excels vs. the run.

Has the potential to develop into a space eater that can occupy multiple blockers and protect linebackers. Flashes the ability to shoot hands inside and control blockers. Gets down the line and takes away cutback lanes against zone runs. Can shoot gaps and disrupt plays in the backfield against zone runs.

Flashes effective swim-to-slap move. Closes well for a player his size. Gets hands up when sees quarterback start throwing motion and times jumps well. However, quarterbacks can shake him and has some problems finishing.

Doesn't gear down when teams commit two blockers to him. Chases the run and flashes the ability to make plays outside the tackle box because of it. Above average motor rushing the passer.

2nd Round

#34- Jonathan Cyprien, S, FIU

This is assuming the 49ers aren't able to keep Goldson, as I think Cyprien fits at FS. You can make an argument for Eric Reid, or Matt Elam if the 49ers keep Goldson and cut Whitner. Reminds me of Goldson, but plays smarter. Great against the run and a very hard hitter.

Possesses enough speed and athleticism to cover ground as a zone defender in the back half and line up against slot receivers inside. Closes on stretch runs and quick throws to outside receivers even when playing well back from the line. Beats receiver blocks with quickness or strength. His secure tackling in those situations is also notable, as he brings some attitude into his attempts unlike other defensive backs in this class. Used as a blitzer on run and pass plays, can overpower running back blocks.

Aggressive in coverage, he can be sucked up by play action and will jump underneath routes, allowing plays over the top. Lacks elite change of direction and quickness in man coverage, and does not recover like a corner if beaten by a quick move off the line or in space.

#61- Brandon Williams, NT, Missouri Southern St.

Very large nose tackle with some versatility- played both the 5-tech and NT in college. Average athleticism (he's 341 lbs) and looks more like a rotational player, but would fit on this team that only used a NT ~30% of the time:

Presents a low center of gravity and strong upper body to push consistently push man-up blockers into the backfield. Gets hands on his man fast, extends his arm to get leverage and can hold his ground. Uses his hands to swim or rip past blockers into the backfield. Also wins gaps by attacking a shoulder or out-quicking his man with a first step. Moves down the line adeptly while engaged to flow with plays.

Doesn't make a lot of plays outside the box because of average effort and closing speed. Inconsistent at finding the ball, lowers his head at times trying to win gaps, allowing himself to get ridden out of plays. Slow to spin off blocks, and double-teams can move him

3rd Round

#74- Chase Thomas, OLB, Stanford

I'm biased, but I'd love this pick. Thomas is an average athlete, but has all the qualities you want in a great football player. When you watch the game film (vs. Notre Dame, for example) he just consistently gets pressure. With the 49ers already having two great starters at OLB, Thomas would provide great depth as a rotational player, and possibly could move inside to back up Willis/Bowman if needed. Also has familiarity with the 49ers defense and Vic Fangio. Reminds me a lot of Conor Barwin:

Shows good awareness and diagnostic skills. Finds and react to the ball in a timely manner. Shows good discipline and keeps backside contain. Possesses good instincts as a run defender when setting the edge. Plays with leverage and does a nice job of setting the edge in run support. Strong upper body and flashes a powerful punch to stun blockers.

Doesn't have elite first step quickness but anticipates snap count well which can allow him to gain the edge. Flashes suddenness with pass rush and win with quickness. Also shows ability to convert speed-to-power to get tackles back on heels. Doesn't have quick hands but they are heavy and strong. Needs to develop a wider array of pass rushing moves and goes to the well too many times with an outside club/slap move. Has experience dropping into coverage and can hold up in underneath zone coverage.

#93- Marcus Lattimore, RB, South Carolina

Seems like a popular pick among people on this site, and I can see why. With so many picks, it makes a ton of sense for the 49ers to take a gamble on someone like Lattimore, a potential 1st rounder if not for the devastating knee injury. Frank Gore probably doesn't have more than a year or two left as a top-notch RB, and I can't see the 49ers going with Hunter/James as their main RB's in this run-heavy, power-run offense. Lattimore could sit a year and see some action in 2014. If he never fully recovers, it was still worth the risk:

Runs hard but not out of control. Fights for yards at end of runs and falls forward at end of runs far more often than not. Not a churn-it-out style runner but he is competitive and physical nonetheless. Displays stamina and mental toughness late in games. Good overall ball security to date. Good vision in open field. Sets up defenders with double moves and shows ability to make defenders whiff in space. Also has good instincts; knows when to elude defenders and when to run them over.
Few backs his size are as light on their feet. He is sudden and can stop-and-start very quickly. Can stick foot in dirt and really accelerate off the cut. Reaches top-speed in a hurry but lacks an elite second-gear. Runs behind his pads when working north-south. Shows some power as a runner. Not a true pile pusher but runs hard and flashes ability to explode through initial contact when he has momentum. Can be a pinball ball at times; bouncing off of multiple defenders.

Reminder: This was just my initial mock, but I appreciate any feedback and/or constructive criticism. All scouting reports from ESPN/

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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