Building a 49ers/Seahawks "Dream Team"

Last week I made a post explaining some of the myths and misconceptions about the current Seahawks roster in comparison to the 49ers. Basically, I believe that you can't objectively say the Seahawks have a better roster (as of now) than the 49ers. Many disagree for several reasons I pointed out in that post, and I have a feeling that if the "analysts" had to pick their division winners today, the Seahawks would be the overwhelming favorite.

I decided to put together a "dream team" of just 49ers and Seahawks players for every position and see what it looked like at the end. This isn't the most objective exercise in proving which team is better, but something more complex than just screaming back and forth in the comment sections. I'll post my "dream team" roster below and a full list of players to choose from in making your own, but first, here are a few things I should lay out first:

- I added the depth positions (3rd WR, 3rd RB, 3rd PR, and 3rd CB) before I looked at either roster. It ended up giving the 49ers a 3-to-1 advantage, so I totaled up the roster counts (# of 49ers, # of Seahawks) with and without the 3rd positions

- PR is pass rusher, either a DE or OLB. For the purpose of this exercise, 3-4 DE's and all NT's are DT's. I also counted K.J. Wright (strong side OLB) as an ILB to have more than 3 options at ILB.

- I did not factor in age or whether or not a player is in his "prime". For this exercise, we're talking about one year. You can take into account injuries (I left off Chancellor) but let's remember we're not doctors. I assumed Justin Smith will be 100% when the season starts.

- For the third positions (RB, WR, CB, PR if you choose to keep them), I did not factor in the slot position. For the purpose of this exercise, the 3rd positions are just simply the 3rd best player

- This isn't drafting for a 3-4 or 4-3 defense, it's simply drafting/selecting the best players at the positions listed.

My "Dream Team"

QB Colin Kaepernick
RB Marshawn Lynch
RB Frank Gore
RB Kendall Hunter
FB Bruce Miller
WR Percy Harvin
WR Michael Crabtree
WR Anquan Boldin
TE Vernon Davis
LT Joe Staley
LG Mike Iupati
C Max Unger
RG Alex Boone
RT Anthony Davis

- I was torn on who to select at QB (I'm being as objective as possible) so I left it to the metrics and felt Kaepernick had the slight edge

- I wanted to to try and fit Okung in as I think he's the 5th best OL, but I don't think he'd be better than Boone at guard.

DT Justin Smith
DT Red Bryant
PR (DE/OLB) Aldon Smith
PR (DE/OLB) Cliff Avril
PR (DE/OLB) Bruce Irvin
ILB Patrick Willis
ILB Navorro Bowman
CB Richard Sherman
CB Brandon Browner
CB Tarrell Brown
FS Earl Thomas
SS Kam Chancellor

- Different kind of players, but I gave the slight edge to Red Bryant for versatility

Here is the list of players/depth chart I used (they are not rankings, just a list)

Overall, the 49ers hold 16 positions, and the Seahawks hold 10. If you eliminate the "3rd positions", the 49ers still hold 13 positions, and the Seahawks hold 9. I tried to think from a Seahawks fan's perspective after I finished, and the only position I could switch with that bias is Kaepernick to Wilson.

Even if you account for the depth the Seahawks have (defensive line), and give the edge at QB to Wilson, the 49ers still have a slight edge overall. Hell, you can even call it even if you'd like, but I think this exercise defeats the notion that the Seahawks are completely loaded with no holes, and the 49ers have a lot of issues to figure out.

Please feel free to share this over at Field Gulls (I'm not registered), but let's keep it objective as possible and avoid starting a troll war. My purpose of this was not to knock the Seahawks, but once again trying to tone down the hype.

If you think I'm wrong about any position or forgot any players, please feel free to comment.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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