Predicting the Niners Schedule

The NFL offseason is way too long, which is evident by the existence of this post and the time wasted writing it. Ah well, I love football, and can't wait for the 2013 season. Below I have put my best guess as to what the schedule will look like:

Week 1:

The MLB Giants play at home on Sunday September 8th, so it is likely we start out on the road again. The MLB Cardinals and Mariners are also home, eliminating St. Louis & Seattle. The Jacksonville game date in London is already given, so this leaves the following options: @ Arizona, Tennessee, Tampa Bay, Washington & New Orleans.

Since the NFL likes to start out the season with juicy match-ups, particularly for Super Bowl & Conference Championship participants, New Orleans would provide the biggest storyline out of the above group. (Sean Payton returns to the sidelines against the last he team he played (and lost to in glorious fashion) since his suspension, Niners return to the site of their Chernobyl, Super Bowl 47). This would be a great Sunday night match-up for opening weekend, however I'm hearing Denver may get this slot against the New York Giants, so if this is the case, swap out NBC broadcast with Week 2 opponent Atlanta.

Weeks 2-9:

After a brutally tough opening in the Superdome, the Niners return to the friendly confines of Candlestick Park for back to back games against Atlanta & Indianapolis. They get hit with 4 road games in their next 5, however an east coast trip to Washington prior to the week in London mitigates the extra travel, as does the BYE week following game. The 1st half of the schedule only produces one divisional match-up, but it is a doozy, Niners travel to Seattle for an early face-off against the re-loaded Seahawks in what will be San Francisco's 3rd prime time game, 2nd on Sunday night.

Weeks 10-17:

Starting out the season with 5 road trips in your first 8 games has it's benefits on the back-end. The Niners return from the bye with their 4th prime-time game, a home tete with the quarterback-less Arizona Cardinals on Monday night. A rematch at home the following week with Green Bay is also a candidate for Sunday night, but I assume Fox will hold on to a few of their "A" games. The Niners round out 4 of their final 6 with a divisional round robin, and with the west expected to be a competitive race, the Niners can make or break their opponents season as the playoff picture rounds into form.

All Times are Pacific.

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Day Date Opponent Time Network
1 Sunday 9/8/13 @ New Orleans 5:30 PM NBC
2 Sunday 9/15/13 ATLANTA 1:00 PM FOX Game of the Week
3 Sunday 9/22/13 INDIANAPOLIS 1:00 PM CBS Game of the Week
4 Monday 9/30/13 @ Tennessee 5:30 PM ESPN
5 Sunday 10/6/13 @ Seattle 5:30 PM NBC
6 Sunday 10/13/13 HOUSTON 1:00 PM CBS
7 Sunday 10/20/13 @ Washington 1:00 PM FOX Game of the Week
8 Sunday 10/27/13 @ Jacksonville (London) 10:00 AM FOX
9 Sunday 11/3/13 BYE BYE BYE
10 Monday 11/11/13 ARIZONA 5:30 PM ESPN
11 Sunday 11/17/13 GREEN BAY 1:00 PM FOX Game of the Week
12 Sunday 11/24/13 @ St. Louis 10:00 AM FOX
13 Sunday 12/1/13 SEATTLE 1:00 PM FOX Game of the Week
14 Thursday 12/5/13 CAROLINA 5:30 PM NFL Network
15 Sunday 12/15/13 @ Tampa Bay 5:30 PM NBC
16 Sunday 12/22/13 @ Arizona 1:00 PM FOX
17 Sunday 12/29/13 ST. LOUIS 1:00 PM FOX

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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