Two Draft Scenarios

There are primarily two directions most fans think the Niners will go during the draft. Some feel we should use our 14 picks to either move up in this draft or add higher round picks next year (or both). The other train of thought is to make minor maneuvers in each round to get players we might want and/or stick with the 14 picks as is. I wanted to come with 'dream' drafts for both of those scenarios.

Scenario 1

===>Trade picks 31, 93 and 212 (227) to N.O. for pick 15

===>Trade picks 34 and 125 (127) to Minn. for pick 23

===>Trade picks 74 and 150 (157) to Mia. for pick 54

Pick 15 - K. Vaccaro - SS - Texas

Pick 23 - D. Jones - DE - UCLA

Pick 54 - D. Slay - CB - Miss. St.

Pick 61 - B. Rambo - FS - Georgia

Pick 131 - J. Fauria - TE - UCLA

Pick 164 - C. Fuller - WR - Va. Tech

Pick 180 - E. Cleary - OT - Boston College

Pick 237 - M. Foketi - OT - W. Texas A & M

Pick 246 - T. Howard - CB - Ohio St.

Pick 252 - Roh - DT - Michigan St.

That gives us four immediate Defensive contributors/starters and two offensive weapons that can make the roster and contribute somewhat this year. The remaining players are developmental. This scenario fails to address back up QB, a future RB, ILB depth and fails to give a quality 2TE. But the four top picks could be pro-bowl quality players for many years.

Scenario 2 (may include some moves down or up but nothing dramatic and the overall number of picks would remain about the same.

Pick 31 - S. Williams - DT - North Carolina

Pick 34 - Jonathan Banks - CB - Miss. St.

Pick 61 - P. Thomas - FS - Fresno St.

Pick 74 - K. Escobar - TE - SDSU

Pick 93 - A. Dobson - WR - Marshall

Pick 127 - M. Scott - QB - Arizona

Pick 131 - K. Davis - RB - Arkansas

Pick 157 - JJ Wilcox - SS - Georgia Southern

Pick 164 - D. Thomas - OG/ROT - Tennessee

Pick 180 - K. Lewis-Moore - DE - Notre Dame

Pick 227 - K. Davis - WR - Iowa

Pick 237 - Z. Sudfeld - TE - Nevada

Pick 246 - L. Marquard - ROT/LOT - Azusa Pacific

Pick 252 - C. Roh - DT - Michigan St.

This scenario fills every position of need the Niners have with players who have the skills sets and/or work ethic to give themselves a chance to quality picks or better. I'm not sure how many of them would contribute much in their rookie season, but I like the quality of each pick.

Please share your thoughts.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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