Musings on the 49er Draft from Newburg

The 49ers are blessed with a great roster - and 14 draft picks. This team is in competent hands.

Five main areas need assessment to frame the team's draft needs:

Loss of starting players/positions.

Can the backup roster fill those needs?

Who are the weakest starting players/positions?

What direction is the coaching staff looking to move?

What skills and traits fit best in the 49er roster?

Selection Criterion:

Strength is vital regardless of the position. Strength is the single most important trait to play against the world's most athletic competition. New rules will require strength as launched tackles and other contact is “under review” and some aspects outlawed.

Speed cannot be coached.

Character and intellect are needed to assure the player adapts quickly and remains free of conflict in the long term.

Positional skills - are assessed against their competition - can they beat the best opponents?

The other measurable are significantly unimportant - what does it matter if a player is a "silly" athlete if they cannot beat good competition?

Trading picks will always impact the availability of players and the draft strategy. As long as the immediate needs are addressed, using picks to gather the best players usually pays dividends.

49er 2013 Draft Picks

Number: Stats: Analysis:

31 - John Cyprien – SS – FIU: 6’-1” 210lbs, 4.5ish, Hard Hitter

33 – Margus Hunt – DE – SMU *** MUST HAVE*** (Take #1 possible?) 6’-8”, 275lbs, ***38 Reps, ***4.6, Long arms, STRONG, Fast for Position, Moves well – Bad Competition = lower ranking – Justin Smith’s replacement.

61 – David Amerson – CB UNC 6’-3”, 195lbs, 4.4 Best Prospect with high upside

74 – Barrett Jones – OL Bama – The most versatile lineman in this draft. He is a needed player to cover injuries as he learns the pro game.

93 – Brandon Williams – DT – Miss So. 6’-1”, 340lbs, 38 Reps, VERY STRONG, Run Stuffer Few Plays out of the box. What upside exists with fewer pounds and trained properly?

159 – Zaviar Gooden – LB – Ole Miss, 6’-2”, 230lbs, 4.47, 28 Reps, Fast and athletic for Add’l coverage and Rush

168 – Vance McDonald – TE - Rice 6’4”, 270lbs, 4.65, 31 Reps!!!, Long Arms, A steal. RICE = SMART

191 – Chris Harper – K-State, 6’-1”, 228lbs, 20 Reps, - passing Team


191 - Marcus Davis – VT, 6’-4”, 232lbs, 4.5, 19 Reps,

223 – Cornelius Washington – Georgia – LB, 6’-4”, 265lbs, 4.55, 36 Reps, SLEEPER PROJECT

7.21 – Dustin Hopkins – K – FSU – 6’-2” Strong Leg and accurate.

7.31 – Doug Rippy – ILB – Colorado – 6’-3”, 245lbs, 4.7, 28 Reps,

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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