A More Possible Mock Draft

The title is based on my prior post showing an almost impossible set of trades. The trades here are a bit more of a possibility.

- 31 trade for 39 and a 2014 2nd round - With Jets – Ryan and his bunch are on a win or go to the unemployment line route, they want to show a plan of movement at least. The GM is a freshman and wants to make a splash to keep his job.

- 34 + 93 + 128 + 180 for 24 and 2014 rd 5 - With Colts – Colts need picks, they need bodies, they get 3 more with this trade.

- 39 for 55 + 88 + 193 - With GB

Rd 1 Pick 24 DE Datone Jones
Rd 2 Pick 55 CB Darius Slay
Rd 2 Pick 61 S Bacari Rambo
Rd 3 Pick 74 WR Da’Rick Rodgers
Rd 3 Pick 82 OLB Corey Lemonier
Rd 3 Pick 88 TE Travis Kelce
Rd 4 Pick 131 NT Montori Hughes
Rd 5 Pick 157 SS Robert Lester | CB Terry Hawthorne | FS Tony Jefferson
Rd 5 Pick 164 RB Knile Davis
Rd 6 Pick 193 RS Denard Robinson | OL Jeff Baca

Rd 7 Pick 227 BPA or Trade
Rd 7 Pick 237 BPA or Trade
Rd 7 Pick 246 WR Mark Harrison
Rd 7 Pick 252 DE/DT Abry Jones

My reasonings
We need a guy at S that is good at coverage. Rambo is that guy and at a great price point. In the same way Datone can (possibly) be our heir apparent to Cowboy

As far as TE I like Kelce, and he has the one thing that makes me choose him and let Escobar go by, that’s blocking skills. There was a time, not long ago, when Delanie couldn’t block his way out of a paper bag, and he was reviled.

NT is a position that we have as a need but based on our style of play we can look for one at a lower round.

By aligning our viewpoint we get some "goodies" that we might not otherwise have a chance at. We essentially allow ourselves the luxuries of being able to draft Darius Slay and Da’Rick Rogers.

Kniles Davis is a bit of a risk but not of the Latimore variety. If he works out we have a 230 lb-er that runs a 4.35 to team with , Hunter and LMJ.

If the coaches have faith in Fleming or Johnson then could replace Lemonier with a Center or Tackle Prospect (Schwenke, Mills, Quessenberry,etc.) This draft is a deep draft, not a top heavy one, use it for what it is.

Da Team
2 QB Kaep, Tolzien
4 RB Gore, Hunter, LMJ, Knile Davis – Dixon gone, Hampton on PS
1 FB Miller
3* TE VD, Escobar, Celek –Possibly trade or release Celek
8* WR Crabtree, Boldin, Williams, Manningham, Rogers, Jenkins, Lockette, Moore – Robinson on PS, possibly put Lockette and/or Moore on PS. Manningham quite possibly on PUP
2 OT Staley, Davis
4 OG Iupati, Boone, Kilgore, Baca
2 OC Goodwin, Looney
4 DE Cowboy, RayMac, Datone, Dorsey – Tukuafu released or traded, Dobbs possibly traded or released
2 DT/NT Ian Williams, Montori Hughes
2 ILB Willis, Bowman, Wilhoite
6* OLB Aldon, Brooks, Haralson, Lemonier, Fleming, Johnson – Fleming or Johnson will go on PS or traded/released
5 CB Brown, Culliver, Rogers, Slay, Cox
3 FS Bacari Rambo, Dahl, Spillman
4 SS Whitner, Robinson, McBath, Robert Lester| Tony Jefferson
K Phil Dawson
P Andy Lee
LS Brian Jennings

Practice Squad
RB Hampton
WR Harrison
DE/DT Abry Jones
(RS/QB Denard Robinson if picked up)
OT Wiggins (or Baca)
(Fleming or Johnson)
(Lockette or Moore)
(Possibly Lester)

2014 Draft Picks
1st Rd SF
2nd Rd NYJ
2nd Rd SF
3rd Rd KC
3rd Rd SF
3rd Rd Comp
4th Rd SF
4th Rd Comp
5th Rd Colts
5th Rd SF
6th Rd SF
7th Rd CAR
7th Rd SF

Does this give us the best team ever? No but "this ain’t Madden". The viewpoint is, do I want the 49ers to be the Rams, the Redskins, the Bucs? Again No. The concept is to be in the league of the Pats, the Ravens, the Steelers, and at worst, the Eagles before the last few years. We have a good pipeline like the Steelers have built up, and as the Pats did a few years back. The concept is a long term view..

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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