Consensus 49ers Big Board - Defensive Line v2.0 UPDATED

UPDATE1: now includes DEs

Decided to set up a 49ers big board. I will go from position to position, and hopefully we will end up with a full draft board that is designed for the 49ers needs. To do this, I compiled the prospect rankings from several different sites and averaged them to get a consensus ranking. I used National Football Post (Russ Lande), Mocking the Draft (several), NFLDraftScout/CBS, DraftTek, DraftInsider (Pauline) Rotoworld and The SideLine View (Lance Zierlein).

Grading Scale - tiers

I separated the prospects into 7 tiers. The tiers loosely based on the historical success of players selected at those positions, based on their average ranking and their fit to the 49ers scheme. Within the tiers I had to rely on my faulty judgement again. If you think I grossly misjudged the value/talent of a player, please comment.

1 (magenta)
Blue chip player fits into the 49ers need. Usual draft position 1-17, in this draft 1-8. If these players get into the range where they are reachable by trading up, do it.

2 (blue)
The good starter candidates that seem to dominate the draft, and would have 99% chance to appear on the 49ers active roster, or just freak athletic specimens. Draft Position is roughly in the 9-50 range.

3 (green)
A narrow range covering usually the 50-70 positions. These players have a slightly better chance to go bust, but the talent is still there.

4 (yellow) Positions 70-105

5 (light orange) Positions 106-160

6 (orange) Positions 161-205

These tiers represent prospects from possible starter to reliable backup category with a gradually decreasing chance to provide an NFL player. Don't expect anything more.

7 (red) Potions 205+

The leftover. If the players are not from the FB/K/P positions, getting a practice squad player counts as success.

Given that long introduction, here are the defensive tackle rankings. View and my own faulty judgement to decide who would fit 34DE, NT, OLB (mainly as pass rusher) or ill-fit with a 43 upside.



UPDATE1: So there are 3 players I'd consider trading for if they drop. On the other hand Floyd, Short and other 43DTs are rated lower as they are the worst fit for the niners. Hunt is a monster, but he has questionable instinct to the game.The two Williamses and the two Jonathans are bunched together, with Jenkins sliding down a tier due to more negative opinion about him.This four and Star can play both NT and DE positions, unlike the later 320+lbs prospects.

Some late-round prospects I moved up a tier due to upside and position fit. For example, I rate Goodman relatively high due to his ceiling. For prospects ranked #160 or lower, I roughly rank by both positional fit, and by the two highest ratings.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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