49ers free agent history: Ahmad Brooks contract with the team


As the 49ers work to re-sign their own free agents, and prepare further for the March 12 start of NFL free agency, we take a look at the various contracts the team has handed out the last two years under GM Trent Baalke. We continue with Ahmad Brooks.

A week ago, we began taking a look at the 49ers past free agent contracts, beginning with cornerback Carlos Rogers. While no two NFL contracts are alike, that doesn't meant we can't try and learn a little bit from past practices. Today we'll continue our look at free agent contracts with last year's re-signing of Ahmad Brooks.

Brooks signed a six year contract with a max value at around $45 million before free agency began in March 2012. The deal included a $7.5 million signing bonus, yearly $750,000 roster bonuses starting in 2013, and yearly $100,000 workout bonuses beginning in 2012.

Brooks' deal also included escalators and de-escalators that would raise or lower his base salaries based on sack performance. He can void the de-escalators by playing in 93% of defensive snaps, and having the 49ers win 12 regular season games, and reach the NFC Conference Championship game. He failed in two of these requirements this year, as the 49ers went 11-4-1, and he played just under 93% of snaps, clocking in at approximately 92%.

Here is a look at the make-up of his current contract:

2012 Salary - $2.85 million
2012 Base - $750,000
2012 Signing Bonus Proration - $1.5 million
2012 Roster Bonus - $500,000
2012 Workout Bonus - $100,000

2013 Base becomes guaranteed if on roster on April 1st, 2013
2013 Salary - $5.05 million
2013 Base - $2.7 million (previously $4.6 million, but reduced by $1.9 million)
2013 Signing Bonus Proration - $1.5 milion
2013 Roster Bonus - $750,000
2013 Workout Bonus - $100,000

In 2014 $4.95 million of his $5.15 million is guaranteed if on roster on April 1st, 2014

2014 Salary - $7.5 million
2014 Base - $5.15 million
2014 Signing Bonus Proration - $1.5 million
2014 Roster Bonus - $750,000
2014 Workout Bonus - $100,000

2015 Salary - $8.35 million
2015 Base - $6 million
2015 Signing Bonus Proration - $1.5 million
2015 Roster Bonus - $750,000
2015 Workout Bonus - $100,000

2016 Salary - $8.85 million
2016 Base - $6.5 million
2016 Signing Bonus Proration - $1.5 million
2016 Roster Bonus - $750,000
2016 Workout Bonus - $100,000

2017 Salary - $7.8 million
2017 Base - $6.95 million
2017 Roster Bonus - $750,000
2017 Workout Bonus - $100,000

You will find that this deal is similar to the one given in season to NaVorro Bowman. It includes the same signing bonus and roster bonuses, also beginning in year two. The difference is that Bowman will receive a $4 million option bonus in 2013. Just shows you that these deals are basically one year deals, with the fact of guarantees being in there to protect both parties involved.

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