Complete Mock Niners Offseason, v1.0

Free Agency

Current Niners 2013 Cap Space: $10.145M

Release: K David Akers ($3M), LB Parys Haralson ($2.87M)

Why? Both of these guys contributed little in 2012. Akers was awful and Haralson didn’t see the field all season due to injury. Both of them can be cut with little dead money and free up valuable cap space. After these two moves, the Niners will have slightly over $16M in cap space for 2013.

Re-sign: TE Delanie Walker, NT Isaac Sopoaga, CB Tremane Brock, FS Darcel McBath, LB Tavares Gooden

Walk: FS Dashon Goldson, DL Ricky Jean Francois, OL Leonard Davis, WR Ted Ginn Jr., LB Larry Grant, LB Clark Haggans, WR Randy Moss

Why? I think Walker will be back. This offseason is saturated with quality TEs, both in the draft and free agency. Sopoaga will be back on a much smaller deal – he has good chemistry with our team and should be cheap because he’s not particularly effective. The rest of the guys are depth.

On the flip side, I think Goldson and Ricky Jean will get offers that are too large for us to realistically consider matching. They’re both quality players who I’d like to have back at the right price, but their price on the open market will probably be too high. Someone will probably take a flier on Grant as a starter somewhere (Baltimore, Houston and Washington come to mind). The rest were older depth guys who will be replaced in the draft.

Sign: DT Cullen Jenkins (PHI), CB Adam "Pac Man" Jones (CIN), FS Stevie Brown (NYG), QB Josh Johnson (CLE)

Why? Jenkins is an experienced 3-4 DE who can also sub in for nickel packages. With RJF gone, we need to make sure we have adequate DL depth. "Pac Man" isn’t necessarily the guy we’ll end up with, but he’s essentially a placeholder. This FA market is flooded with quality CBs. While we likely won’t be able to get one of the top guys, we can wait for the market to clear and pick up one of the guys who slips through the cracks for a bargain. Stevie Brown stepped in for the G-men after an injury and put in an unheralded but solid performance. He’ll be competing for the open safety spot next to Whitner. Johnson is a guy who we’ve seen before, knows Harbaugh, and can give us a running option at backup QB if Kaepernick goes down. The most important thing, though, is that these guys should be available for 1 or 2 year deals, keeping the cap situation manageable.


Trade: San Francisco trades their own 1st round pick (#31), second round pick (#61) and fifth round pick to New Orleans for their own 1st round pick (#15). With the #15 overall pick, the 49ers select safety Kenny Vaccaro from the University of Texas.

Why? Vaccaro is the top safety prospect in the draft. He has excellent coverage skills, can cover slot receivers as well as deep zones, and hits hard. He’s the only safety in this class who’ll be ready to start from day 1. He’s also got the flexibility to play at either safety position. This would be a rare opportunity for the Niners D to improve AND control costs, so we should jump on it.

For the Saints, they need to stockpile picks. Their defense needs upgrades at all three position groups, and their O-Line is looking sketchy as well. Theirs is a case where quantity might be better than quality.

2.2 – Jonathan Hankins, DT, Ohio State

Hankins is a big, mobile DT who can play either nose or five-tech in a three man front and rush the passer from the interior in nickel packages. He’ll rotate with Smith, McDonald, Sopoaga and Jenkins to keep everyone fresh for the long haul.

3.11 – Da’Rick Rogers, WR, Tennessee Tech

Rogers is big, fast and athletic, having drawn comparisons to Julio Jones. He has a multitude of off-field problems, but he seems generally remorseful and ready to move on. If so, the Niners may have found a long term #2 WR next to Crabtree.

3.31 – Brandon Jenkins, OLB/DE, Florida State

Depth for our OLB corps. With Haralson and Haggans gone, we need to bring in some fresh blood to liven up our pass rush. Jenkins was an effective rusher at FSU until he went down with an injury.

4.31 – Marcus Lattimore, RB, South Carolina

Lattimore to the Niners has been discussed frequently. We can stick him on IR and let him rehab, and have a great back to transition to in 2014.

4th round comp – Dustin Hopkins, K, Florida State

Need I say more?

5.21 – Ricky Wagner, OT, Wisconsin

We have two great OTs but no depth. Wisconsin O-Line guys generally do well in the NFL.

5.31 – Michael Mauti, ILB, Penn State

With Grant gone, we could use a stout ILB like Mauti for depth and special teams.

The rest of the draft will probably be cuts or PS guys, so I won’t go into them here.

2013 Depth Chart

QB: Kaepernick, Tolzien, Johnson

RB: Gore, Hunter, James, Dixon [IR: Lattimore]

FB: Miller

TE: Davis, Walker, Celek

WR: Crabtree, Manningham, Williams, Rogers, Jenkins, Hall, Lockette

OT: Staley, Davis, Wagner

OG: Iupati, Boone, Kilgore

C: Goodwin, Looney

DE/DT: Smith, McDonald, Jenkins, Hankins, Dobbs, Tufuaku

NT: Sopoaga, Hankins, Williams

OLB: Smith, Brooks, Jenkins, Johnson, Fleming

ILB: Willis, Bowman, Gooden, Mauti

CB: Brown, Jones, Culliver, Rogers, Brock, Cox

FS: Brown, Vaccaro, McBath

SS: Whitner, Spillman

P: Lee

K: Hopkins

LS: Jennings

PR/KR: James, Jones

Overall: While some additional cuts or working around the edges may be necessary, this is what I envision the meat of the 2013 squad to be under this scenario. I tried to add quality depth to areas of need and some impact players through the draft (Vaccaro, Hankins, potentially Rogers) without burdening our future cap.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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