Genuine Misgivings

Hey I am not going to give a Bill Walsh like pep talk or sound like a narcissist who happens to be a 49er fan, with ethereal musical tones ringing in the background (that's for you hearies, not for deafies)..

But I am going to, as a tone deaf football fan, express genuine concerns. No x and o's here or that sort of mumbo-jumbo.

My first concern is, the release of Akers. I loved the saving $3 million part as it gives the 49ers more cap space, which allows the 49ers to sign their own players to bigger contracts. It will pay some players to stick round instead of making the defect to the communist Cardinals or the Joe Montana nostalgia of the chiefs. Anything to keep my favorite players from defecting to teams I loathe by changing into a gnarling werewolf.

The release only concerns me because he just had surgery to correct the hernia nuisance that robbed the 49ers of the 2011 Akers in the 49ers path to the 2013 Super Bowl, so if he does not return to the 49ers he might perform for another team at the 2011 level. We will only find out when the season starts if he goes back to the playing level of 2011. I would be open to re-signing Akers but at a lower salary.

On the other hand, I am privately hoping the 49ers find a similar kicker who is 100% healthy and has better hang time on his kicks because we need that on the day of Super Bowl. Our new kicker must show up on Super Bowl Sunday. Akers demonstrated no hang time on his kicks which hurt the special teams with a Raven kick returner getting 108 yards.

If I was Baalke I would go to find a World Cup soccer player and try him out to see how he can adjust to kicking a football. The world is full of surprises if we take the game for a trial. All we need is a phenomenal kicker. I am a soccer player, a darn good one at it, I kick the ball exceptionally well. I tried kicking field goals and made all of them, although I have not from the 40 or 50 yards. The 20-25 yard kicks were easy for me. That is how I know we can convert a professional soccer player into a NFL kicker. If you don't believe it, come see me, we will go to a football field. I cannot walk through walls but I can kick.

My conclusion is, we need to look everywhere for hidden stars- in the European NFL leagues, the Canadian Football leagues, the draft, I would not just depend on Free Agency, none would perform like the 2011 Akers anyway, unless we are surprised with an exceptional year. Exceptional coffee, exceptional condoms, exceptional Pinkberry yogurt, not all in the same equation but all marked as exceptional, that is the kind of performance I want to see this year. I just want to see everyone have an exceptional performance this year, not to see everyone running on all cylinders but see the kicking game out of whack.

That is a misgiving I have. So, we will have to see what the 49ers come up with, we will see how good Baalke is. I just hope 2013 won't be an off year for Baalke.

I really think the 49ers should sign Ricky Jean Francois, as Harbaugh called him unblockable. On that basis, he should be signed. Not as much as Goldson, who would command too much money as he doesn't cover as well as he hits. If we can sign him for less than what people might think Goldson could get elsewhere, then sign him.

I am worried players like Goldson and Francois will sign elsewhere leaving behind a 2-year pursuit of the Lombardi trophy.

This pursuit is not over, we will get the 6th Lombardi trophy.

We just have to work our way around the money thing in putting together the final pieces of the 2013 roster in the quest for six.

Baalke could end up as the MVP with his "exceptional eye" for talent. See, it does not always have to be about condoms.

GO 49ers!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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