My 2013 Draft Crushes


Fooch's Note: This was originally written in March, but with time ticking down to the draft, I thought I'd bump it up and move it to the front page. Who are your draft crushes this week?

I usually do not reveal all of my draft crushes this early or at all. But due to numerous draft picks and limited needs, I feel as though I can give a little insight on to who I think the 49ers might target. The following players are just my draft crushes (cue school girl laugh) and a brief explanation as to why they should be 49ers:

1. Margus Hunt DE SMU

6’8" 277 lbs

40 yd dash 4.6

Bench Press 38 Reps

*14 career block field goals

Why the crush? The raw power and speed is just intriguing at that position. Even if he struggles at DE, his ability to block field goals brings something to the table. We get two more years with the Cowboy and can sub Hunt in on 3rd and long. He can be taught because to run track; you have to be disciplined and who better to learn from than Smith.

2. Marcus Lattimore RB South Carolina

Why the crush? Before the injury he was considered one of the top back in the draft. Freakish injury put an end to his college career. One of the reasons, I like him is he was a beast in the SEC and now a 2nd or 3rd day pick and we can stash him just like Jewell and have him learn and prepare of next year. Yeah I know that sound a little evil, but running back is a brutal position and getting value is alway an option. No guarantees that he will be healthy but I will not doubt him until I see him play preseason

3. Zach Sudfeld TE Nevada

Okay this one is because developing mismatch and he’s a Nevada alum. I really think that CK7 would not mind having a 6’7'’ TE that could stretch the middle with decent hands. Also, I know people are going to be upset or not if 49ers don’t sign Walker, but hear me out. VD could play the way that Walker was playing and excel ever better. VD is best suited to play that position in the long run and would enjoy confusing opposing defense. It’s all about the mismatches.

4. Levine Toilolo TE Stanford

He runs slow and does not have get hands. Yeah, but he played for Stanford and is 6’8". There is no way this guy does not get better under the tutelage of his old coach. The guy scream red zone machine and they will have no choice but to PA or hold this guy. Bring him in and compete for a job

5. Rodney Smith WR Florida State

If the 49ers cannot get a big WR opposite of Crabtree via FA, I believe that this guy could fit the bill. Runs good route and has the speed and decent hands. He should be available during the 3rd day of the draft.

6. Tavon Austin WR West Virginia

Ted Ginn Jr. is gone and we need a replacement. His comparison is similar to Percy Harvin (played RB/WR). This is another weapon for the 49ers with a skill set that can create mismatches.

7. Terrell Sinkfield WR Northern Iowa

First, there is no way he ran a 4.19 but he has 4.3 speed. But hearing about this time got my attention and I decided to "study the film" (also known as YouTubing). With that being said, I watching the highlights and the types of catches he made what opened my yes. So even as FA or 7th round pick, I would give him a shot at PR/KR.

8. E.J. Manuel QB FSU

Almost forgot the QB position thanks to CK7. But since this is not a big need but a team must always develop young talent. I can see the 49ers drafting this guy, but of course the QB guru knows who to pick.

As of March 7, these are my draft crushes. The reason I did not include OL, FS, and CB is because I believe the team will target certain players in Free Agency and we have a few rookies that did not get on the field. The team has 15 picks in this draft and we can assume that they are going to make trades in this and next year draft. However, each year at one of my draft crushes (LaMichael James) get picked. Will I be disappointed if they don’t draft any of my crushes? A little, but I will not waver on any player that 49ers draft to get that Super Bowl ring.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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