Mock Offseasonnnn 1.0

Hey I'm new here, and was bored so I made a mock offseason! Tell me what you think haha.

Goldson: Gone - Too expensive with a strong safety draft.

Grant: Stay - Played well when he had the opportunity, good depth.

Jean Francois- Gone - Someone is going to offer him more than I would want to match, And I dont think he was that effective when he played.

Soap: Stay- I don't want to roll in with a rookie NT, so we might as well keep him for a year or two more.

Walker: Stay- I like what he brings to the table, even though he has drops sometimes Ive always appreciated him.

Free Agent Signings:

Sign Gerald Sensabaugh S. 2yr deal. Starter quality who shouldnt be as expensive as other free agents but could be a good bridge to the future.

TRADES: (I don't trade for anyone but I made some Pick trades)

1. Get:

1st Round 14th Pick

Give Up:

1st Round 31st Pick, 2nd Round 31st Pick, 4th Round 31st Pick

2. Get:

Future 4th

Give Up:

5th 24th Pick

3. Get:

Future 5th

Give up:

6th 12th Pick

4. Get:

6th rounder 2013

Give up:

7.21, 7.31


1.14: Sheldon Richardson DE Missouri 6' 3 294: Trade up for another Missourin lineman and Future replacement for Justin Smith. His first year he can be rotated in on passing downs for some extra pass rush. He just needs to get better against the run and he could do that under Smiths tutelage.

2.2: Matt Elam S Florida 5' 10 208: Our future starting safety. He is a good cover man and good in run support. The coaching staff can decide between Elam, Sensabaugh and Whitner who our 2 starters should be.

3.13 Brandon Williams NT Missouri Southern 6'1 341: Here we get our nose tackle. He could use a year to get some seasoning behind Soap. But he is also a good pass rusher which would be nice from the nose tackle position.

3.31 Tyrann Mathieu DB LSU 5'9 186: Very versatile and a good playmaker in many areas. He is mah draft crush.

3.Comp Marcus Davis WR Virginia Tech 6' 4 232: Big Wide receiver who wasnt as productive in college as he could have been due to poor QB play. He is fast too.

5.31 Quanterus Smith OLB Western Kentucky 6'5 250: Good pass rusher whose stock has dropped due to injury. We need pass rushing depth.

6.(traded for) Sam Schwartzstein C Stanford 6'3 290: We might get rid of Goodwin, and Oline depth is always good.

6.31 DC Jefferson TE Rutgers 6'6 258: Big tight end who is a converted quarterback. TE depth with potential.

7.Comp Quinn Sharp K Oklahoma State: 28-33 in 2012. Heres our kicker potentially, also has punting experience

7. Comp Jordan Rodgers QB Vanderbilt: Why not take a flier on the younger Rodgers? We need QB depth anyway.

The top 2 picks could easily go Kenny Vaccaro and then Margus Hunt. But I prefer going this route. Tell me what you guys think!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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