Offseason 1.X

I did an off-season post way way early on and have writtn a bunch of notes to myself, hence, the X in 1.X.
I've done some thinking, probably way too much on this stuff (I mean it's not like I have a wife, a job, a grandchild or such....wait...I do...oh well I'm a fan and a niner-geek so deal with it LOL) Here's what I'm gonna guess as our off-season moves.
(!!!!Note: Major changes due to todays (3/11) trades.)

FA Gone: WR Randy Moss, WR Ted Ginn, OG Leonard Davis, S Dashon Goldson, LB Larry Grant, LB Clark Haggans, DL Ricky Jean Francois, DT Isaac Sopoaga, TE Delanie Walker
FA Resign: LB Tavarres Gooden
FA Pickups: OG/C Donald Thomas, NT Sammie Lee Hill, S Patrick Chung, Danario Alexander
Released/Traded: QB Alex Smith, David Akers, Jonathan Goodwin, Parys Haralson

Trade Rd 1 Pick 31, Rd 3 Pick 93 and Rd 6 Pick 189 for Indy Pick 24
Trade Rd 6 Pick 170, Rd 7 Pick 211 and Rd 7 Pick 221 for WSH Pick 147

Rd 1 DE Datone Jones - We have an heir to Cowboy
Rd 2 S Jonathan Cyprien (or Eric Reid) - A Safety that's good in coverage is the goal here.
Rd 2 NT Brandon Williams - A big boy to block the middle of our DL. CB Darius Slay
Rd 3 TE Gavin Escobar (Worst case great #2 replacement for Walker. This time without the drops.)
Rd 3 Traded WR Da'Rick Rogers or Ryan Swope
Rd 4 WR Cobi Hamilton - Starting to raise the size of our receiving corps) RB Le'Veon Bell
Rd 4 K Dustin Hopkins - Best kicker, nuff said
Rd 5 CB Terry Hawthorne WR Chris Harper CB Will Davis
Rd 5 S Robert Lester (or possibly QB Matt Scott) NT Montori Hughes
Rd 5 OLB Cornelius Washington
Rd 6 Traded
Rd 6 Traded
Rd 7 Traded
Rd 7 Traded
Rd 7 WR Mark Harrison
Rd 7 BPA

Resultant Team
QB Kaep, Tolzien (,Matt Scott)
RB Gore, Hunter, James, Bell, Dixon, Hampton
FB Miller
TE VD, Escobar, Celek
WR Crabs, Boldin Williams, Manningham, Alexander, Jenkins, Rogers/Swope, Harper, Locke, Hamilton, Harrison
OT Staley, Davis, Wiggins
OG Iupati, Boone, Kilgore, Netter
OC Thomas, Looney

DE Cowboy, RayMac, Datone, Dobbs, Tukuafu
DT Hill, Brandon Williams,Montori Hughes, Ian Williams
OLB Aldon, Brooks, Fleming, Johnson, Washington
ILB PWilly, Navarro, Gooden, Wilhoite, Stupar
CB Brown, Cully, Rogers,Slay, Cox, Brock, Davis, Hawthorne
S Chung, Whitner, Cyprien, Robinson, McBath, (Lester), Spillman, Thomas

K Dustin
P Lee


Per Rotoworld, Chung is probably going to be looking at a prove it type contract. Sammie can probably give us at worst what Soap did. Thomas has C experience.

Though we'd all love to have a team where we have all these great players, in reality a team is made of pluggers, of lunch boxers, of blue collar players. Harb was that when he played and Baalke was that when a scout.

A goal is to get bigger in the defensive backfield as well as the WR corps. Dustin will hopefully be our kicker for years to come. And hopefully Datone will take up the DE mantle from Cowboy and run with it.Washington will hopefully be a sleeper. Hawthorne has height and good if not great speed. Lockette, James, and Williams will do return duties.

Options and Alternatives
(This will essentially contain edits to the above.)

1) Do not get Brandon Williams and get CB Darius Slay instead
2) Remove CB Terry Hawthorne, replace with WR Chris Harper
3) Remove WR Cobi Hamilton replace with RB Le'Veon Bell
4) Remove S Robert Lester replace with NT Montori Hughes
5) Due to SEA getting Harvin and losing their #1 pick, we don't need to make the trade to try and get Datone. That puts the 3 and the 6 back in our hands. The trade for Boldin means that we don't need Danario. With the 93rd pick I'm picking up either Da'Rick Rogers or Ryan Swope. Either is a great pick even though we have some good WR already. Harper is out now and that allows us to pick up CB Will Davis who is good in coverage. PHEW!

Other Options at FA Safety
1) Gerald Sensabaugh - Good in coverage, but old
2) Louis Delmas - Like Chung injury concerns.

Other options at FA NT
1) Pat Sims - 28 yrs old, 2012 salary $1,390,000
2) Terrance Knighton - 26 yrs old, 2012 salary $1,470,875
(Note: Hill's 2012 salary was $1,260,000)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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