Why 288 is my New Favorite Number!!!

Simply because it is the exact number I want to see on my calculator when I do my trades. It is exactly half way between the 2.29 & 2.30 picks in this year's draft.

I have been messing with trades for a week or so seeing what might be possible or not. This came from a couple of great discussions that Modesto Matt/ ninersfootball and ChesapeakeBay9er were having in a few fanposts. Jmichael/ Poldarn and others were also in the mix.

Basically they were confusing me with different charts and weightings and all that nerd/geek stuff. So I decided I would just use the "old" chart no matter what the weights and measures dept says about them. After a couple of days of messing with the chart + my 3 pages of Rounds 1-7 + my printout of who has what picks in a nice little spreadsheet, I came to the conclusion that the Draft makes absolutely NO SENSE at all! So back to more reading of Fanposts and Fooch's work.

So by the time I added in ego's to the whole equation it made a bit more sense. When you put some of these "intangibles" into the mix, basically anything can happen.

Remembering that for my own sanity I am using the old chart and the 1.7 multiplier for trades into the next draft (that's the number I am told is the usual one to work with). There will be math in here so apologies in advance.


Redskins: 1.31 >>> 2.19.

Why this trade? Because I am adding in the "Snyder Effect". This is a guy with a history of moving up in the draft a LOT. This year he is without a 1st round pick, and I think his ego gets the better of him before Day 1 is over! Now the math...

1.31 (600) >>> 2.19 (390) = 210 pts. x 1.7 = 357 points. 357= (the value of the 2.23-24 pick.) This is way over the the 288 points I want left over for a 2nd round pick so let's keep trading. How about:

3.31 (128)>>> 3.23 (165) = -37 pts

So now we have the 210 minus the 37 = 173 x 1.7 = 294.1 (= 2.28-29 pick in points). Much better!

Final trade: 1.31+3.31 >>> 2.19+3.23 + 2014 2nd round pick (600+128-390+165)

Now that trade looks like the best value I can get. The straight 1.31>>2.19 +2014 2nd left "points on the board". Not something I wanted to see. So I toyed with asking for an extra 4th but figured more leverage can be had using the 3.23 instead of the 3.31 in the end. That pick may be the guy on the board that Harbaalke want, or it could be the 2013 draft equivalent of last years #92 pick that Harbaalke got 3 (count them, three!) 2013 picks with+ the guy they wanted. An extra 2014 pick would have been about the 70 point range which makes it the 4.18 pick. I don't think the Skins are that bad in 2013 but make the playoffs. That means their pick would be the 20th at worst. So, points left on the table again. That's why I chose to give Harbaalke the extra value in the 2013 draft.


Trade #2

Is basically a variation of the first trade. Again a major ego is involved. This time it's Jerry's turn!

Cowboys:2.2 >>>> 2.14

Same principle as the Skins trade. If I use a pick involved in the Colt McCoy trade then it can be adjusted easily enough since I am not 100% sure which picks are involved.

2.2 (560) >>>> 2.15 (430) = 130 pts x1.7 =221

So not enough to score us a 2nd round pick. Rather than push for a 2nd by adding our 2013 picks (does Jerry even know what a 4-7 round pick is?) let's just go ahead and take their 3rd rounder for next year. The 288 equiv of the 3rd round is 126 points (half way between picks 31-32). So again we have way to much value left on the table! To fix it, lets try this: swap the 4th round picks (17-31 = 25 points). That means the differential is now 130-25=105 x 1.7=178.5 points. So that's still 52.5 points left on the table. We can keep on bargaining but there is one more thing to consider: It's Jerry, so I am sure Baalke wants to get off the phone. Let's make it easy on him and just take the 2014 4th as well, that's worth at least 46 points if the win the SB but more likely worth more than the 52.5 points left.

Final Trade: 2.2+4.31 >>> 2.15+4.17 + 2014 3rd +2014 4th. (292+47 -430+72) + 2014 3rd & 4th

That seems to be a decent trade to me. .....................................................................................................................

Both the above trades could work if the 25th pick has already been made. Min would be the last team I would expect to trade down in the 1st besides us. I can't see GB/HOU/DEN/NE/ATL trading down as they probably want those picks as none of them have any 'extra' picks in the first 3 rounds that I can see. Before that, too many other possibilities of trades happening.

I looked at another few ideas on trades, those with possibly more 'normal' people, but I figured these are the 2 biggest traders in the league (excluding Baalke) and were worth the most leverage/ fun!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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