My Final Mock Draft

With the draft less than two weeks away and with very little cap space left, it seems that the Niners are all but set in terms of adding veteran free agents. This allows us to have a better sense at what positions they will target in the draft, yet there's a good chance of some draft day trades which will shake up what selections they have. With that said, here is my mock draft if the Niners were to keep their 13 picks and as you can see I agree with the selections our community mock landed for the Niners. Let me know what you think!

#31 Jonathan Cyprien Florida Int'l 6'0" 217 SS

-No I don't see him as a potential Ed Reed but that holds true for all the safeties in this draft. I tend to see him as more of a SS and future replacement for Whitner but for now I see him able to cover well enough to replace Goldson. I think the Niners make this pick because they see him as a safety that can provide most of what Whitner provides along with being able to hold his own in coverage making him the BPA at this pick. If they can find a ball hawking safety to pair with him, the Niners will be set extremely well at the safety position for years to come.

#34 Johnathan Hankins Ohio State 6'3" 320 DT

-The reasoning for this pick is that no top DE is left and Hankins has lined up all over the line in addition to showing more pass rushing potential than other nose tackle prospects. Some may argue that the Niners don't use a nose often enough to warrant a high pick on one but I disagree. Hankins could easily be an upgrade over the current and past options so the use of a nose could easily increase but the main point is that a much more effective player will take up those snaps. If it wasn't for conditioning concerns, Hankins would be considered a sure first rounder.

#61 Phillip Thomas Fresno State 6'0" 208 FS

-This will be a shocker to some after the first selection but looking around at other options I think it can potentially be a very good pick. Thomas reminds me a lot of Goldson in that he can be over agressive at times but also shows the ability to be a ball hawk center fielder. I don't see any current Niner that should be Whitner's partner this year but with these selections they will have two candidates. In a year the Niners could start a combo of Cyprien and Thomas which will not only be much cheaper than the combo of Goldson and Whitner but just as good if not better.

#74 Travis Kelce Cincinnati 6'5" 255 TE

-The Niners would be ecstatic with this pick since Kelce could more than make up for the loss of Walker. Kelce might be the best fit at TE for the Niners due to having the capability to help in both the passing game and run game. The Niners might be able to nab him this late due to him not being able to hold a full workout for teams as well as only having one year of production at Cincinnati.

#93 William Gholston Michigan State 6'6" 281 DE

-With this pick the Niners are able to add more defensive line help which will allow them to be able sub out the starters more often to give them a rest. The Niners miss out on getting an immediate starter type at this position earlier but Gholston has the size to be a very solid contributor. At the very least, he will be an upgrade over Dobbs and Tukuafu.

#128 Tharold Simon LSU 6'2" 202 CB

-Simon is very talented having good size and speed but he's still in need of some seasoning. With the signing of Asomugha and the rumor that the Niners were looking into tall cornerbacks this pick makes sense. Simon could basically redshirt this season and look to replace Asomugha or Rogers next year.

#131 Xavier Nixon Florida 6'6" 321 T

-With this choice the Niners are able to fill their need for a swing tackle. Nixon is an intriguing prospect in that he has good feet and athleticism but has been very inconsistent. With proper coaching, Nixon could become a very solid 3rd T and remove the need for Alex Boone to move around.

#157 Brandon Jenkins Florida State 6'2" 251 OLB

-At one point this pick would've been an incredible bargain but currently it might be more of a reach. A couple of years ago Jenkins was easily regarded as one of the premier pass rushers but due to a recent injury he has struggled to show anywhere near the same explosion. A risky pick but potential for great results if healthy.

#173 Latavius Murray Central Florida 6'3" 223 RB

-There's the temptation to take a running back such as Lattimore earlier in the draft to save as the future starter, but Murray might be just as good as those prospects. Murray is a big running back who possess excellent speed which he displayed at his pro day, plus he has produced every season he has started. Might be the next Alfred Morris.

#180 Michael Mauti Penn State 6'2" 243 ILB

-Another pick with a solid player whose stock has dropped due to injuries. He doesn't really excel in any one category but is solid in all phases which could translate to a solid backup for Willis and Bowman. This far down the draft means that if he's not fully healthy, the Niners might be able to stash him in the practice squad.

#237 Ryan Griffin Tulane 6'4" 216 QB

-The Niners are able to add another player to the backup QB competition. While Griffin won't wow anyone with his arm he is fairly accurate and makes smart decisions, in a way he reminds me of Shaun Hill.

#246 Braden Hansen BYU 6'5" 313 C

-This late in the draft it's tough to find exciting prospects, but Hansen could provide some competition to the offensive line due to having experience both at guard and center. Though he's old for a prospect, he could be a good PS guy.

#252 Charles Johnson Grand Valley St 6'2" 215 WR

-WIth their final pick the Niners can take on a bit of a project. Johnson has great size and speed but didn't face top competition, over time though he could prove to be an NFL quality receiver.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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