Golden Nuggets: Tramaine Brock signs tender; Offseason workouts begin

If Tramaine Brock would have refused the deal, I'd have been able to write "NO DEAL." - Joe Robbins

Tuesday, April 16, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Tramaine Brock agreed to his RFA tender of $1.323 million. Not a bad deal for a 5th cornerback. Hard to see what sort of playing time he'll receive or how he'll fit in. Unless of course the 49ers move one of their CBs to free safety as so many people have now suggested they could do.

And in other news, the offseason officially began. The team can start hanging out together. Nnamdi Asomugha got his first team experience. I wonder what he thinks of playing for a winning team? C-razy!

Tramaine Brock Signs Tender

Christian Gin gets to start us off today with the Brock tenderness and a bit of an explanation of the offseason. | Report: Tramaine Brock signs one-year tender, 49ers offseason begins (Gin)

Brock to sign contract as 49ers offseason program kicks off (Barrows)

Draft News

After exhausting the inquiries over who our next free safety will be, it seems as thought the media have moved on to No.2 tight end. It's not nearly as sexy a position, so would logically come later in the pre-draft hype. Christian Gin looks at some of the possibilities. | A look at potential tight ends for the 49ers (Gin)

Mike Sando brings up a good point about the 49ers' tight end search. Yes, they do need a tight end for the roster, but you can't assume because they played Delanie Walker on more than 50% of offensive plays last year that that pattern will continue, or that they won't adjust the offense to their personnel. | Questioning 49ers' need for a tight end (Sando)

Well said. | Only expectation for 49ers draft is unexpected (NBC)

49ers draft outlook: Cornerback (Maiocco)

The 49ers situation at safety (SF Gate)

49ers draft outlook: Safety (Maiocco)

49 in 49: Best of the Bay Week (

49 in 49: WR Keenan Allen (

Offseason Workouts Begin

Cam Inman gives us the lowdown on the beginning of the offseason program. He's got some tidbits about the goings on as well as some info on who is enticed to the workout with money. I'd show up and do some bench presses for $500k. | Offseason program is up and running (and benching and lifting and stretching and rehabbing) (Inman)

Asomugha starts work with 49ers (

Patrick Willis sets offseason standard (

Other News

And the other big contract news of the day is that the team has opened preliminary negotiations with left guard Mike Iupati. I previously went on record as saying I didn't think the team would be able to sign both he and Anthony Davis, but good thing you guys all have short memories, right? | 49ers open preliminary talks with Iupati (Maiocco)

Eric Branch writes what most of us are thinking. I should say, most of us are praying for. Having the best offensive line in the league is one of the greatest assets a team can have, nearly impossible to create or recreate, and should not be allowed to go by the wayside. | Let's stay together: 49ers could keep front five largely intact through 2015 (Branch)

A few NFC West players on the spot (Sando)

Being a Sheep

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