Re-doing the 2007 Draft

So, I got to wondering how different the NFL would be if the players from the 2007 draft were to be re-drafted again, now that we know how good (and bad) some of the players turned out to be. I chose 2007 because the 49ers had two picks in the first round and I thought it would be fun to figure out who they would pick.That draft was also pretty terrible; it was top heavy, with some really great players going high, and only a few players that even made an impact as role players afterwards. Most of the guys are not in the NFL anymore.

So here is what I think the first round would look like now:

#1: Oakland Raiders pick Adrian Peterson instead of Jamarcus Russell.

#2: Detroit Lions take Calvin Johnson again.

#3: The Browns select Patrick Willis instead of Joe Thomas.

#4: The Bucs select Darelle Revis instead of Gaines Adams.

#5: The Cardinals take Joe Thomas instead of Levi Brown.

#6: The Redskins take Dashon Goldson instead of Laron Landry.

#7: The Vikings take Marshawn Lynch since AP is already off the board.

#8: The Falcons select Anthony Spencer instead of Jamaal Anderson.

#9: The Dolphins take Dwayne Bowe in place of (hold your breath) Ted Ginn Jr. (So we can take him at 11) :)

#10: The Texans take Paul Soliai instead of Amobi Okoye, mainly because they REALLY need a DT, and Soliai is the best to come out of this class.

#11: The 49ers select Jon Beason since Patrick Willis is already gone.

#12: The Bills really need a QB, but at this point, Tyler Thigpen/Kevin Kolb are probably the best QBs to come out of this draft, so they take a playmaker in Ahmad Bradshaw since Marshawn Lynch is gone, and then, in a stunning move, trade him to the Seahawks for two future draft picks.

#13: The Rams take LaRon Landry instead of Adam Carriker so they don't have to hear 49ers fans whine about how horrible Craig Dahl is 6 years later.

#14: The Jets really need secondary help, so they take Corey Graham, since Revis is gone.

#15: The Steelers stay with their original pick and keep Lawrence Timmons.

#16: The Packers try to help their horrible offensive line and draft Joe Staley instead of Justin Harrell (who???).

#17: The Broncos feel that they really need D-Line help, so they go with Charles Johnson instead of Jarvis Moss, even though Johnson is a project player.

#18: The Bengals select Michael Griffin instead of Leon Hall.

#19: Furious that their man went at #18, the Titans select Brandon Merriweather to fill Michael Griffin's shoes.

#20: The Giants are happy with their original pick of Aaron Ross.

#21: Hoping to give their QB a chance to throw the ball (whoever he was back then), the Jaguars take Marshal Yanda instead of Reggie Nelson.

#22: Wow, the Browns 2nd pick, and they took Brady Quinn here originally? A burner like Jacoby Jones would have helped them more, even if he took a couple years to develop...

#23: The Chiefs take Jermon Bushrod since the receiver that they really wanted in Dwayne Bowe was taken way earlier.

#24: The Patriots select Eric Weddle since Merriweather is gone, and he becomes a future Hall-of-Famer.

#25: There aren't any excellent linebackers left, so the Panthers take Steve Smith (no, not THAT Steve Smith, the other one) to play opposite of Steve Smith (yes, THAT Steve Smith), since Jon Beason was snagged by our '9ers at 11.

#26: Don't you think that Michael Bush would help the Cowboys out? No? Anthony Spencer is gone already.

#27: The Saints try to help their secondary which is going to fall apart soon and select Tarrell Brown instead of Robert Meacham, who they can pick up later:

#28: Too bad the great tackles are gone already; the 49ers take Ben Grubbs to play opposite of Iupati in the futue and move Alex Boone to LT; Joe Staley was the original selection but he is long gone.

#29: The Ravens take Ryan Kalil to be an apprentice behind Birk for a couple years since the 49ers just took Grubbs.

#30: Remember Craig "Buster" Davis? Me neither. The Chargers take Ray McDonald instead.

#31: The Bears took Greg Olsen originally, and he is OK, but Zach Miller has actually been to the Pro Bowl. They take him instead.

#32: The Colts take Kevin Kolb to play behind Peyton Manning, and he takes over when Peyton gets hurt, leading Andrew Luck to be selected by the Browns years later.

And, in case you were wondering, in the extended 7-round version of this draft (which does not exist and never will), JaMarcus Russell is not selected by anyone. The year after that either.

There, I've wasted another precious hour of my life in another futile exercise. Hope you enjoyed it!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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