SB Nation community draft, 49ers rounds 1-3 After Action Report

If anyone is wondering what transpired in this mock draft, organized by Turf Show Times.The 49ers were represented by Manraj7 (GM), JMichael39 and yours truly. Unfortunately, the pre-draft trade sessions ended up crazy. Teams were throwing away franchise players and 2014 first rounders with reckless abandon, and trading up blind just for the sake of it (the day before the 1st pick was announced). The most glaring example of all was the Rams trading #16 and LT Saffold to Arizona to get the 7th pick. Needless to say, Lane Johnson was grabbed by Detroit at #5.

No one really wanted to draft QBs or RBs. Nassib went first, to Buffalo - at #8 he was their #1 QB and they failed to trade down. Next to go was Geno to Jacksonville at #33. Real GMs would trade up, if only to get the 5th-year contract option available for first-round picks. Dysert went to the Jets in the 3rd, and Barkley was drafted as a backup by his old pal Pete. RBs Bernard, Ball, Bell, Randle, Franklin and Ellington are still on the board. Lattimore isn't (Steelers needed another back recovering from torn ACL).

Our small war room tried to move up to get Richardson (Pittsburg's pick) but the trade did not go through and he was grabbed by the football Giants. Then, a bit later, the Eagles traded up to #29 get Cyprien (surprise!), Atlanta grabbed Carradine (Surprise!...not really), and at #31 there was no one worth picking or a QB-needy team realizing it would be in their best interest to trade up (if they were a real team, that is).

#31. The San Francisco 49ers select D.J. Hayden, CB, Houston

The war room unanimously did not want to draft a wide receiver that is similar to two others already on the team (Allen). It was either getting Jesse Williams (who ended up drafted in the 3rd), or the player with the highest upside left on the board (Hayden). Mayock has him as the best CB in the draft, and he is predicted to go in the 1st round, so this pick is justified for the face-saving pick it was- but far from ideal.

#34. The San Francisco 49ers select Eric Reid, FS, LSU

At this pick, we had the opportunity to decide which player to reach for. A nose tackle, a safety or Kawann Short. We decided to go with Reid, with the agreement to get a Dlinemen with our next pick.

#44. The San Francisco 49ers select Kawann Short, DT, Purdue

49ers traded #61, #93, #157 and a 2014 7th to Carolina. We managed to grab the last legit interior pass rusher, unfortunately another high-risk guy.

#74 The San Francisco 49ers select Sam Montgomery, DE/OLB, LSU

This pick found the war room in limbo. We tried to trade to get Jesse Williams (either trade up or use a 2014 2nd) but failed. Kelce and Escobar was on the board 5 picks earlier, but not at this point. The debate was between the remaining second-tier TE (McDonald), a deep-threat-only WR (Terrance Williams) or getting a pass rusher who is projected to go in the 4th round (the other LSU DE). Manraj7 managed to slip this pick in just before the clock ran out and we were automatically rewarded a running back.

Self-grading this draft: C-

We managed to address 4 out of the 5 biggest needs of the team. We haven't drafted a TE yet, but we will find one in this deep TE class. NT, OT should be addressed later. We failed to get any player we really wanted, therefore the C. The first two picks can be considered reach, and Hayden also has medical concerns. Short and Montgomery has the talent, but they are not the best scheme fit and both has motivational/work ethic flags, so very unlikely to be picked by Baalke. And all 4 picks are risky to different extents, therefore the minus.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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