The "What The Hell Was He Thinking?" Mock (Down Under edition)

So I am taking my first shot at a Mock. Not a clue what I am doing, but what the hell......

I made a single guess and it was a doozy! I traded with Oakland for the #3 pick to kick things off. Yeah you read that right cobbers.... I went Ballke Ninja right off the bat.

So here it is:

OAK: 1.3>>>> 1.31 +2.29 +4.31 +7.21 + 2014 4th & 5th.

So that gives Baalke 1.3/ 2.2/ 3.12/ 3.3/ 3.31/ 4.34*/ 5.24/ 6.7/ 6.12/ + 2 x 7th comps. I have none clue what to do with the 2 x7th round comps, (BPA I guess) so I am ignoring them from here on out.

For the trades below, I actually used a value of 2000 for the 1.3 pick and intentionally kept the trades "low" to allow for the 'fact' that this is supposed to be a deep draft. So the first couple of trades might look cheap, adding a round to the 2014 'get' is simple enough to compensate.

So next moves:

DET : 1.3>>>>1.5 +3.3 +4th.... Detroit need OL and DL help. This trade gets them either of the top 2 OT's or the best DL in the draft (Joeckel/ Fisher/ Floyd).

SD : 1.5>>>> 1.11 +2.13. San Diego get to pick a top OL kid here, jumping over ARI and TEN to nab him They could also grab a top3 DL as well. No 2014 pick gained here. ^sigh^

PIT : 1.11>>>> 1.17 +3.17 +3rd.... PIT was standing on the outside looking in last year. They didn't like it one little bit! So they need to get some weapons for Big Ben. They go for a WR here to point points on the board.

MIN : 1.17>>>> 1.23 + 2nd. I am making this easier for MIN to take, but a low round pick (5th-6th) could be added. They need to jump up here to get "their guy". With a second pick in the 1st, not a hard decision to make.

So we ended up with the 1.23 pick. Just ahead of IND who might be the team to pick that DL guy I want. We picked up a 2nd, 3rd & 4th in 2014 to go along with it, more than compensating for what we gave the Raiders. We also replaced out picks in this years draft.

So our order is now.:

1.23/ 2.2/ 2.13/ 3.12/ 3.17/ 3.31/ 4.34*/ 6.7/ 6.12


1.23: Datone Jones -- DE------- UCLA "Bruins"

2.2 : Jesse Williams -- NT/DT -- Alabama "Crimson Tide" (The what?)

2.13: D.J. Hayden --- CB ------- Houston "Cougars"

3.12: Travis Kelce --- TE ------- Cincinnati "Bearcats"

3:17: D.J Swearinger - FS ----- S. Carolina "Gamecocks"

4.11: Bacarri Rambo -- S ------- Georgia "Bulldogs"

4.34: Marcus Lattimore - RB --- S. Carolina "Gamecocks"

6.7: David Quessenberry - OT --- San Jose State "Spartans"

6.12: Lawrence Okoye - DE --- Great Britain

2 x 7th round comps ------------- None Clue

I am hoping Quessenberry falls this far. I wanted a guy in the 4th-5th round, but unless Safety or DL slides a bit and we can trade back just a few places with the 2.2 or one of the 3rd rounders I can't get back up into the 5th for him.

Unlike many others, I am calling the WR position depth set on the roster. I think the tools are there (hopefully) and any WR's we bring to camp will be UDFA's.

The Kelce/ Swearinger picks can be flipped if there is a run on either position (I hope).

How bad did I do?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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