Recent draft history

Hey. I've been trying to develop a trade strategy, and am looking at previous drafts to better understand our management team's success rate. I am sharing here for your info and feedback on how to improve.

Color codes:

Red Wasted pick or just didn't work out (injury, retirement, etc)
Yellow To be determined
Green Good or great pick
Purple Not a starter, at least yet, but a key contributor to the team (e.g. nickel corner, or kick returner)
Blue Starter, or starter potential, but team chose to let go in FA

Number in parenthesis is the actual draft pick number:

2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007
GM Trent Baalke Trent Baalke Trent Baalke Trent Baalke/SM Scot McCloughan Scot McCloughan Mike Nolan
Coach Jim Harbaugh Jim Harbaugh Jim Harbaugh Mike Singletary Mike Nolan Mike Nolan Mike Nolan
Player Personnel Tom Gamble Tom Gamble Tom Gamble Trent Baalke Trent Baalke Scot McCloughan
College Scouting Joel Patten Joel Patten Joel Patten Tom Gamble/DM David McCloughan David McCloughan David McCloughan
Top 5 Avg Draft Pos 58.6 110.6 60.2 68.2 117 84.8 63.2
1 Pick 31 A. J. Jenkins (30) Aldon Smith (7) Anthony Davis (11) Michael Crabtree (10) Kentwan Balmer (29) Patrick Willis (11) 6 of 7 (83%)
Mike Iupati (17) Joe Staley (28)
2 Pick 34 LaMichael James (61) Colin Kaepernick (36) Taylor Mays (49) Chilo Rachal (39) 1.5 of 4 (38%)
Pick 61
3 Pick 74 Chris Culliver (80) NaVorro Bowman (91) Glen Coffee (74) Reggie Smith (75) Jason Hill (76) 2.5 of 6 (42%)
Pick 93 Ray McDonald (97)
4 Pick 128 Joe Looney (117) Kendall Hunter (115) Cody Wallace (107) Jay Moore (104) 1.5 of 5 (30%)
Pick 131 (Comp) Dashon Goldson (126)
Joe Cohen (135)
5 Pick 157 Darius Fleming (165) Daniel Kilgore (163) Scott McKillop (146) Tarell Brown (147) 1 of 3 (33%)
Nate Davis (171)
6 Pick 173 Trenton Robinson (180) Ronald Johnson (182) Anthony Dixon (173) Josh Morgan (174) Thomas Clayton (186) 1 of 8 (13%)
Pick 180 Jason Slowey (199) Colin Jones (190) Nate Byham (182) Bear Pascoe (184)
Kyle Williams (206)
7 Pick 237 Cam Johnson (237) Bruce Miller (211) Phillip Adams (224) Curtis Taylor (219) Larry Grant (214) 1 of 6 (17%)
Pick 246 (Comp) Mike Person (239) Ricky Jean-Francois (244)
Pick 252 (Comp) Curtis Holcomb (250)

For the percentages on the right, I used the formula:

(Green + Purple * 0.5) / (Green + Purple + Red)

I excluded Yellow and Blue, and gave 1/2 points to Grey. I was just trying to get a swag on our success rate. Feel free to use your own formula.

Seems like our high success rate with first round picks, and higher picks in general, has been the key to our success. Anyway, thoughts?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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