Official Niners Nation mock draft FanPost

Fooch's Note: I should have done this several weeks ago, but never got around to it. Since there will be one final push of people posting mock drafts, please them as comments in here. If you are going into extensive detail about the picks, a new FanPost is welcome. However, by extensive detail, I mean really extensive. I'd prefer to keep things focused in here the next couple days. Thanks.

4 days ago I published what was thought to be my only version of my 1st round mock draft.

Meanwhile, 2 predictions from that mock became true. The Revis trade between the Jets and Bucs and that too early versions of mock drafts quickly become irrelevant.

Same as in the previous post...

Few things about my mock:

1. No way I'm hitting more than 6-7 picks in this mock due to draft day trades. Judge my mock by the number of players that were actually drafted in the first round.

2. Damn you Jets, one small trade had such a huge affect on the entire first round mock.

3. If you don't like my Niners 1st round pick just remember that you are probably not going to like Baalke's pick either :)

4. My prophecy skills are limited to the players taken in the 1st round. despite my recent "success", I'm not trying to guess any draft day trades or picks beyond the 1st round. Honorable trade mentions and later picks by the Niners will be made for fun though.

1. Chiefs - Luke Joeckel - Or Eric Fisher, or Joeckel, or Fisher, aarrrrrgghhhhh!!!!!!!

2. Jaguars - Dion Jordan - not biting on the OL rumors.

3. Raiders - Shariff Floyed - Even I can get through the middle of their defence right now.

4. Eagles - Star Lotuleilei - Jason Peters didn't die, he was just injured. DT is a stronger need.

5. Lions - Eric Fisher - If it's not him, Stafford will have to workout with the road-runner (beep beep).

6. Browns - Dee Milliner - He will form a nice pair of corners along with Joe Haden, 11 more players on offense and they're set.

7. Cardinals - Lane Johnson - Carson Palmer will announce a second retirement otherwise.

8. Bills - Geno Smith - Buddy Nix said he's gonna take a QB, I still believe him.

9. Jets - Baekevious Mingo - Switching my pick from one freakshly athletic but raw DL to another.

10. Titans - Chance Warmack - Cooper is more vesatile/athletic blah blah. Warmack is the better football player.

11. Chargers - Ziggy Ansah - O-line can wait, how can you pass on a freak of nature who played football since he was.... 21. Oh well...

12 Dolphins - Jonathan Cooper - Nice consolation prize if they don't get Lane Johnson,

13. Jets - Tavon Austin - I heard he also recovers butt fumbles.

14. Panthers - Sheldon Richardson - Seems like he's been in that spot since he graduated elemntry school.

15. Saints - Jarvis Jones - He will be the back bone of this defense, pun intended.

16. Rams - Kenny Vaccaro - That secondary is becoming scarier as we speak

17. Steelers - Xavier Rhodes - Damn Steelers, how do they draft so well??

18. Cowboys - Sylvester Williams - A slight reach at a much needed position.

19. Giants - D.J Flucker - Eli's carrer gets an extention.

20. Bears - Tyler Eifert - A new rookie Culter can blame for his miscues.

21. Bengals - Alec Ogletree - BCA - Best Criminal Available. They strongly considered DeAndre Hopkinks too....

22. Rams - DeAndre Hopkins - Trashes hotel rooms and secondaries.

23. Vikings - Desmond Trufant - Cronerback - check

24. Colts - Tank Carradine -That's as high as he goes.

25. Vikings - Manti Te'o - Te'o and Mike Singletary can share national embaressments with each other. Anyone need a spare set of pants?

26. Packers - Manelik Watson - At least Aaron Rodgers knows how to run for his life if Watson doesn't pan out.

27. Texans - Justin Hunter - I've been mocking a WR to them for the 3rd straight year, I gotta be right this time!!! :)

28. Broncos - Bjoren Werner - If they will fax it on time...

29. Patriots - Cordarrelle Patterson - Damn you Belicheck!!!!!

30. Falcons - Datone Jones - The Falcons front office is smarter than what I gave them credit for in the previous mock...

31. 49ers - D.J. Hayden - Draft crushs don't go away so easily...

32. Ravens - John Cyprien - They go safety over MLB

Other Niners picks

34 - Jesse Williams - The Falcons took my number 2 draft crush, Revange will be made at MNF when Iupati will pancake Datone Jones on every single play and Hayden will score on a pick 6...

61 - Phillip Thomas - My favorite safety is Elam but he's probably gone in the 2nd round safety-mania along with Reid and Swearinger. We will get the best cover safety though.

74 - Travis Kelce - Here is the Delanie Walker successor.

93 - Brandon Williams - Adding some beef to the defensive line

128. Marcus Lattimore - Please please please!!!!!

Rest of the picks: WR, OT, OLB, ILB we will probably trade the rest of the picks

Honorable Trade mentions:

1. Jets will get the Bucs 13th pick and some other picks for Revis - Nailed it! :)

2. Chargers/Dolphins jump to the 6th spot to snag Lane Johnson out of the Cards hands.

3. Less likly to happen - Cards are in love with Eric Fisher and will jump to the 3rd pick to take him.

4. Jerry Jones trades up for one of the guard (couldn't stop laughing while writing this one...)

5. The 49ers stockpile picks and get Sheldon Richardson at 17.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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