2008 Draft

Same as the other mocks; this one has an interesting anomaly in that the Patriots lost one of their 1st rounders because of the "Spygate" scandal. A steep price to pay for cheating. :) Mocking this draft also gives me a great chance to correct the Kentwan Balmer mistake for our '9ers.

Here goes:

Pick#1: Miami Dolphins

Original Pick: Jake Long

New Pick: Joe Flacco (Originally #18) This pick was really a toss-up between the two best QB's in the class, since the Dolphins were desperate at this point for a franchise QB. Flacco is a large improvement over Chad Henne (who the Dolphins picked at #55 in this draft). Jake Long is a great LT, but it remains to be seen whether he will be a HOF level blindside protector or not.

Pick#2: St. Louis Rams

Original Pick: Chris Long

New Pick: Matt Ryan (Originally #3) A lot of different ways to go with this pick, and Chris Long was not the right way. He's a good player, but not worthy of the #2 overall pick, especially when the Rams were starting a platoon of Trent Green/Marc Bulger, who were both on their way out. Matt Ryan gives them a fresh start, and precludes them drafting the talented but slightly injury-prone Sam Bradford later on.

Pick#3: Atlanta Falcons

Original Pick: Matt Ryan

New Pick: Ray Rice (Originally #55) Oh, that hurts! It always hurts when you lose a franchsie QB. Looks like the Falcons will lean on their running game and attempt to draft one of the lower-tier QB's. I don't think they wanted to lean on Chris Redman for another season. Maybe Rice can play QB too?

Pick#4: Oakland Raiders

Original Pick: Darren McFadden

New Pick: Chris Johnson (#24) How did Al Davis pass on this burner? Probably wouldn't have changed the Raiders' fortunes very much, but this is a very Raiders-type pick.

Pick#5: KC Chiefs

Original Pick: Glenn Dorsey

New Pick: Jamaal Charles (#73) The jury is still out on Dorsey, as we will see how he can play on a real defense with real coaching, but at this point, the Chiefs can't imagine life without their current franchise player. Charles is a dominant back, and the Chiefs would have lost all 16 games last year without his production.

Pick#6: NY Jets

Original Pick: Vernon Gholston

New Pick: Carl Nicks (#164) I'm thinking that replacing one of the biggest draft busts in recent history with one of the leagues best offensive lineman will probably at least shift the Jets' future just a little bit.

Pick#7: NO Saints

Original Pick: Sedrick Ellis

New Pick: Cliff Avril (#92) Unfortunately for the Saints, there are not a whole lot of good defensive lineman in this class, which is what they need. Ellis is a good player, but not worthy of the #7 overall pick. Avril will give them some of the presence in their front 4 that they lack.

Pick#8: Jacksonville Jaguars

Original Pick: Derrick Harvey

New Pick: Jerod Mayo (#10) I love making picks for the Jaguars, because, as long as I don't insult their only really good player by drafting a running back, I can't go wrong; their past drafts are on par with the Raiders and Browns when it comes to incompetence. Mayo will bring some order to a very confused defense.

Pick#9: Cincinnati Bengals

Original Pick: Keith Rivers

New Pick: Aqib Talib (#20) Rivers is a good LB, but Talib has the potential to be a perennial shutdown corner. The Bengals could use some help for their pass defense, and here is their chance to pick it up.

Pick#10: NE Patriots

Original Pick: Jerod Mayo

New Pick: Desean Jackson (#49) Brady to Jackson? Sound like fun? Yeah, I think so too...

Pick#11: Buffalo Bills

Original Pick: Leodis McKelvin

New Pick: Matt Flynn (#209) This might seem like a bit of a stretch right now, but it won't if Flynn plays even halfway decent for the Raiders this year. Again, McKelvin is an adequate, almost good player, but this is a case of need; the Fitzpatrick/Losman platoon will be nothing but a failure, and the Bills need a QB to be able to win.

Pick#12: Denver Broncos

Original Pick: Ryan Clady

New Pick: Ryan Clady. When you draft a great O-Lineman the first time around, and he is still around when you do the re-draft, you stick with the great O-Lineman.

Pick#13: Carolina Panthers

Original Pick: Jonathan Stewart

New Pick: Matt Forte (#44) Stewart gets hurt just a bit too often to be a really dependable back; Forte with Cam Newton and Steve Smith would make for a very potent offensive attack.

Pick#14: Chicago Bears

Original Pick: Chris Williams

New Pick: Jake Long (#1) Hard to believe he fell this far, but teams just aren't sure enough about his desire to play and willingness to play through injury. The Bears are pretty desperate though. Their O-Line was probably the worst in the league last year, as evidenced by the game that the 49ers played against them (and the fact that Chilo Rachal actually made their starting lineup).

Pick#15: KC Chiefs

Original Pick: Brandon Albert

New Pick: Duane Brown (#26) The Chiefs needed a lineman, and Brown is arguably the best one left on the board. They hope that he will stay, unlike the guy who gets taken next

Pick#16: Arizona Cardinals

Original Pick: Dominique Rogers-Cromartie

New Pick: Brandon Albert (#15) Rogers-Cromartie apparently didn't stick around for too long in Arizona, which is too bad for them, since he is a Pro-Bowl talent.The Cards DESPERATELY need O-Line help, so they are happy to see Albert fall to them, even if he leaves for greener pastures (or bluer beaches) shortly afterward.

Pick#17: Detroit Lions

Original Pick: Gosder Cherilus

New Pick: Danny Woodhead (Originally Undrafted) Cherilus has not developed as the Lions wanted, and Woodhead is a perfect utility back that would help ease the pressure on the injury-prone Kevin Smith (or whoever else was playing RB for the Lions at this point). Maybe a bit high, but there aren't any lineman available that are worth this pick, and we don't want to return to the tradition of the Lions taking a receiver in the first round.

Pick#18: Baltimore Ravens

Original Pick: Joe Flacco

New Pick: Keith Rivers (#9) What do you do when your franchise QB and RB are already taken in a draft do-over? Draft Caleb Hanie and hope for the best? No; everyone knows you bring Trent Dilfer and Jamal Lewis back and soup up your defense in another effort to out-tough everyone else to the big dance.

Pick#19: Carolina Panthers

Original Pick: Jeff Otah

New Pick: Pierre Garcon (#205) Garcon on the other side of Steve Smith would be amazingly fun to watch. Otah just hasn't turned out like they wanted him too.

Pick#20: TB Bucs

Original Pick: Aqib Talib

New Pick: Mike Jenkins (#25) The Bucs desperately need some secondary help that will actually stick around. Jenkins is the best available corner.

Pick#21: Atlanta Falcons

Original Pick: Sam Baker

New Pick: Thomas DeCoud (#98) Baker is a good lineman, but the Falcons know that they can snag him later, where he will be a better value. DeCoud is a Pro-Bowl safety that can help the secondary.

Pick#22: Dallas Cowboys

Original Pick: Felix Jones

New Pick: Red Bryant (#121) Let's move the last run-stopper on the board out of our division. The Cowboys could sure use him.

Pick#23: Pittsburgh Steelers

Original Pick: Rashard Mendenhall

New Pick: Danny Amendola (Originally Undrafted) The Steelers really need to stop drafting injury-prone players. Oh well, maybe someday... At least they won't have to deal with Mike Wallace if they make this pick.

Pick#24: Tennessee Titans

Original Pick: Chris Johnson

New Pick: Darren McFadden (#4) Doesn't this seem like a pick the Titans would make? Chances McFadden stays healthy? Next to none. But the Titans run with a platoon of running backs anyway.

Pick#25: Dallas Cowboys

Original Pick: Mike Jenkins

New Pick: Dominique Rogers-Cromartie (#16) Taking a top corner from the division rival Eagles? Sure. Too bad the Giants and Redskins aren't too shabby.

Pick#26: Houston Texans

Original Pick: Duane Brown

New Pick: Jordy Nelson (#36) Nelson would play great with Andre Johnson.

Pick#27: SD Chargers

Original Pick: Antoine Cason

New Pick: Peyton Hillis (#227) Seriously, what do the Chargers not need? They need someone to take some pressure off of Rivers. I think Hillis is over-rated, should never have been on the cover of Madden, and should NEVER, EVER have signed with the Cleveland Browns. Maybe a different organization will do him some good.

Pick#28: Seattle Seahawks

Original Pick: Lawrence Jackson

New Pick: Jonathan Stewart (#13) It's always fun to pick for our worst rival. Maybe this pick would keep the Marshawn Lynch trade from happening?

Pick#29: SF 49ers

Original Pick: Kentwan Balmer

New Pick: Jameel McClain (Originally Undrafted) I wish that I could save all of us some trouble and just draft Jim Harbaugh with this pick. Heck, I'd even settle for John Harbaugh (or George Seifert or Steve Marriucci...) We've reached the bottom of the round, and there just aren't that many difference-makers left to go around. We just all know that any pick is an improvement over Balmer.

Pick#30: NY Jets

Original Pick: Dustin Keller

New Pick: Mario Manningham (#95) Let's get the Jets some real receivers.

Pick#31: NE Patriots

Original Pick: Forfeited

New Pick: Forfeited for "Spygate"

Pick#32: NY Giants

Original Pick: Kenny Phillips

New Pick: Rashard Mendenhall (#23) To replace Brandon Jacobs.

The bottom of this round was really difficult. The top was great, but there weren't that many guys period that were amazingly productive. Fred Davis is sure to go early in the second round. BenJarvis Green-Ellis also has potential to go higher, but I'm just not sure enough about him yet. Another guy that was really close but that didn't make the cut was Josh Morgan.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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