late night kinda long mock

You may not love it but I think we could all live with it.

1. trade back with Jets (got this from Yahoo) Jets grab a QB. (3 1st rders seems like the kinda noise the Jets would make too) 9ers give (1) and (5) but gain 2014 (1) and 2013 (3). I see alot of guys I would want here being off the board ie cyphrien, Daton Jones, Tank Carradine etc. with another pick coming 2 picks later the 9ers will see probably all the guys they would consider still on the board. Could see a small trade up though

2A. Zac Ertz TE. Safety is tempting (say Eric Reid). But I dont see any real decline in play between Reid and other round 2 guys. I also like the depth at DE/DT so ill pass on Hunt besides whoever they take at DE/DT position wont be asked to start his first year. I dont really value NT so ill pass on Williams too. So replacing Walker who played more than half the offensive snaps with Ertz who had more catches, yards and TD than Eiffert in 2012 makes sense to me. Ertz, Davis, Crab and Boldin...mismatch city.

2B. DJ Swearinger or best S on the board whoever floats the 9ers boat (P. Thomas maybe?).9ers can get starter quality and value with this pick. Now the 9ers have taken care of the positions who will see the most playing time his rookie year.

3A from Jets. William Gholston DE. J. Smiths heir. Seen this guy mocked mostly 2-3. He plays both left and right DE so he can give smith or mcdonald a rest. Throw Dorsey in the mix as NT (but can play DT) with Williams backing him up at NT I think the 9ers D-Line is looking good.

3B. Tyrann Mathieu CB. Some might think reach here but I believe a nickel CB in todays pass happy NFL should be starter quality not simply the 3rd best CB on the team. Can play special teams too.

3C & 4A. Trade to Indy got this from bleacher report. 9ers get 2014 (2)

4B comp. Chase Thomas OLB. Along with Haralson they need a guy who can give Aldon and Brooks a rest too and play special teams.

5. none via trade with Jets.

6A. Robert Lester S. tempted to go TJ barnes here a big NT but like I said with Gholston (3A) ability to play both DE spots I think the 9ers go with a replacement for Whitner and special teams player.

6B & 7A. Trade with Carolina also from bleacher report (9ers get 2014 6). 9ers are pretty much out of roster spots with 2 comp. picks in 7 left to go.

7B Comp. Terrell Sinkfield WR. Dude ran a 4.1 40 at his pro day doesnt provide much as wr, a position I was tempted to draft earlier, but he could replace Ginn as KR and PR and deep threat.

7B comp. Alex Hurst OT. massive dude could come in as the "jumbo package" guy.

The 9ers end the draft with two 2014 (1) at least two (2) maybe three, well see what the smith trade brings the 2014 pick was conditional (2-3) I believe , and two (6). (The rich really do get richer huh? This will be useful considering alot of guys are due for a payday and I dont see how the 9ers retain them all). Plus 8 guys who have a shot at making the team, and im sure they will bring in some undrafted guys for competition.

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