Are we nearly there yet?

Yes, like a small child on a long car journey I am desperately in need of a bathroom getting frustrated and bored and I am bouncing around on the back seat of the car demanding we be there already. 'Are we nearly there yet? Are we nearly there yet? Are we nearly there yet?

Yay! The draft! Its a few hours away! I love the fact the draft is here, not because I am like a child at Xmas (Draftmas apparently) eagerly wanting to tear at the wrapping paper and being delighted with my awesome Patrick Willis, my unsure what to make of it Aldon Smith (subsequently delighted) or my frankly terrifying and disappointing Kentwan Balmer (props to Steve Busichio for digging up THAT pic in his worst of the worst article). No, I am delighted the draft is here because it means the run up to the draft is over.

At this point I have to say a huge thanks to every member of the Niners Nation community who created a mock draft, tried to order out who the Niners would take at every pick and every subsequent comment related to these posts. I don't watch College Football, oh I am sure I could get to watch some if I was desperate to in the UK but frankly I don't have the time, What with all the warm beer (never) I have to drink, heavy food (occasionally) I have to eat and all the other British stereotypes I have to adhere to (constantly).

So when people take the time to talk about these players I genuinely benefit a great deal, I know who players are, who's good or bad at whatever and why I should or should not hope for their appearance in a Niners shirt. But I have to say honestly the whole mock draft thing frustrates me. Sure we all see a team's need, we all see the players that fit, but the minute the draft starts the GM's will be on the phone discussing trades and everything goes out the window. That's not to add in the fact that players can be awesome at the end of the college season, the whole per-draft combine, conversations can go ahead, that player drops off the face of the earth, only for a team to then pick him early and confound everyone OR they select Kentwan Balmer (uuurrghhh can't get that image out of my head). Experts produce a new mock seemingly everyday and it changes constantly and I am sat here like some hideous crack whore constantly clicking links to get the latest updates.

The pain, the agony, and then it gets compounded with the who's tweeting news early vs watching the TV feed buzz. My twitter feed rains Tre Niner's tweets (that happens occasionally but I think he's a great, if a little mental at times, follow), other people tweet and I am sat at my desk at work and I am sure my colleagues are wondering why I look like the kid who ate too much candy at the party and is being told to sit still. Sort of wild eyed not really focusing on anything and looking for my next sugar fix.

I am not sure I know enough about the intricacies of player evaluation in relation to the draft, beyond the fact it is a crazy train and I wish some non US sports had it. Because frankly if Coventry City had, had the opportunity to draft Steven Gerrard (Drew Brees ish) rather than signing the succession of rubbish they did, they might not have ended up in the third tier of English football having plummeted from the Premier League (soooo many Chilo Rachal's out there). I digress though, apologies.

No, I have to say I love the draft, the idea of it, the system, hell I am addicted to the build up from the stand point of no college knowledge. Yes I will hungrily gather up all the post draft stupidity of grades too. Though like Homer Simpson in the episode where that Hog Roast is freed?? by Lisa and it ends up flying through the air hitting various things and Homer is chasing it going 'it's still good. it's still good' - A.J. Jenkins; I still believe!

I am glad we are there, I thank all of you for the information I have received, I hope the Niners draft Interior guys DL/DE early, not sure who but I'd prefer that, you know, just FYI. I might even fall asleep during the draft, I have been subtly adjusting my sleep patterns I am just not sure it has been working (probably wouldn't look at Twitter anyways - oh and UK fans in the unlikely circumstances you haven't heard Gamepass is free on draft weekend so you can watch).

Going mental on the backseat of the car as I gaze out of the window pointing at Radio City Music Hall!

Enjoyed the journey here with you, might just have a nap...or check out just the one more mock draft

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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