2013 NFL Draft results: 49ers trade with Cowboys, pick safety Eric Reid

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

As many were speculating, the San Francisco 49ers traded up in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft. The team acquired the Cowboys' first round pick and drafted LSU safety Eric Reid.

The 49ers jumped in on the action midway through the first round, acquiring the Dallas Cowboys' first round pick. The 49ers move from No. 31 to No. 18. According to Jason LaCanfora, the 49ers gave up their first round pick and the third round pick they acquired from the pick No. 74 in their trade last year with the Carolina Panthers. The 49ers used that pick to select safety Eric Reid out of LSU.

That's an interesting decision to say the least, as many felt Reid would be there near the end of the first round. Apparently Trent Baalke and company decided they had to have Reid and did not want to risk anybody else getting him. They get the benefit of the doubt in my mind at this point.

Earlier this year, Tre9er put together a scouting report on Eric Reid. The folks at our LSU blog, And The Valley Shook, also put together a profile on Reid. Plenty more to come on the pick.

This is the fifth straight year the 49ers have drafted a safety. Since 2000, the 49ers have drafted 13 safeties, although before 2000, the team had not drafted a safety since 1992. Here are the safeties sine 2000:

2012 - Trenton Robinson (6th round)
2011 - Colin Jones (6th round)
2010 - Taylor Mays (2nd round)
2009 - Curtis Taylor (7th round)
2007 - Dashon Goldson (4th round)
2006 - Marcus Hudson (6th round)
2006 - Vickiel Vaughn (7th round)
2005 - Derrick Johnson (6th round)
2005 - Daven Holly (7th round)
2004 - Keith Lewis (6th round)
2002 - Kevin Curtis (4th round)
2002 - Teddy Gaines (7th round)
2000 - John Keith (4th round)

Following this trade, here is a rundown of the 49ers remaining picks:

(2) 34. From Kansas City Chiefs via trade
(2) 61. Own Pick
(3) 93. Own Pick
(4) 128.Own Pick
(4) 131. Compensatory pick
(5) 157. From Indianapolis Colts via trade
(6) 173. From Cleveland Browns via trade
(6) 180. From Miami Dolphins via trade
(7) 227. Own Pick
(7) 246. Compensatory pick
(7) 252. Compensatory pick


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