*WooHoo My First Fan Post*

Starting off...great draft so far. Players could have been different, but I think most can agree that needs were met with these first four picks. Cant wait for the 4th round tomorrow.

And now to the title of this post...Denard Robinson.

If anyone would have told me two or three years ago that when Denard Robinson entered the NFL Draft, he would not go until the 4th plus round, I would have said you were crazy. He was even really good last year. The guy was in Heisman Trophy talks multiple times during his collegiate career. He can play football.

Now I already hear some people saying he can't be a QB in the NFL. He hasn't played enough WR. Blah Blah Blah. And I will totally agree with you. He won't play QB, and he hasn't played a lot, if any at all at WR. But...THE GUY CAN RUN.

He rushed for over 1100 yards in each of his last two years, and rushed for over 1700 in his sophomore year. And he was playing QB while putting up these running back type numbers. Insane.

What is even more insane is that he is still available going into the 4th round, although there is alot of talent still left in these late rounds. (I still can't believe that Jonathan Franklin is still up for grabs. I would love to see the 49ers pick him up as I believe he can come in and compete for PT from the start.)

Denard Robinson is one of this talents, even if that statement is based on his athleticism alone. He can just play football. He is a play maker. And I think that it can translate into the NFL and for our team.

Now lets look at the "needs" that the 9ers still have heading into tomorrow. This is just based off the posts that I have been reading tonight. Some people are saying OL, DL, CB, and S. But alot of people are also saying that a speedy receiver and a RB wouldn't be the worst idea in the world either. And the very important PR and KR man. This is where Robinson comes into play.

Just based on speed and football smarts alone I have to figure that he could come in and compete at slot...most likely not the starter, but still complete. His 4.4 speed will make him a threat. Then think about him in the backfield. Sure he isnt a prototypical RB, but he sure did rack up some yards during his time in Michigan. Now I am not saying that he is the Gore replacement; he is another change of pace/speed guy who just adds another wrinkle to the backfield. And again with his speed and running ability, he should become a solid return man. So this one pick coming in the late rounds can compete at slot, add depth at RB, and return kicks. Amazing. Sign him now.

But this is the best part. I admit that this is a crazy idea, but just hear me out.

Imagine lining up in a two back set, something that we do all the time. But now imagine that one of those backs started at QB for a Division I football team for three years. Sure he is not the best QB, hence the switching positions. But the guy did have to throw the ball. And by NCAA standards he did fairly well. So now imagine that RB/QB being able to throw the ball out of different packages. This can cause the read option to evolve into a totally new thing, where the read is not only on the QB or the RB ending up with the ball, but also which guy can be throwing the ball.

A play could evolve into something like this:

Kaep, Gore, and Robinson in the backfield. Snap goes to Kaep who executes a read option with Gore. Kaep either hands off or keeps it himself. Now if he keeps it himself, he can either throw a pass, hand off/pitch, or run the ball himself. If he chooses to hand the ball off/pitch to Robinson, this is where the fun begins. Not only can Robinson use that 4.4 speed and take off with the ball, but he can also set up and deliver a pass to either WR or our TE.

Just in that one play, the ball could have gone to 3 different players, and could have been passed at two separate points. The possibilities become endless. Defenses would have no way to defend against all of the variables that this new player brings into the game. Just think about a defense having to worry about the ball getting into the hands of boldin, crabtree, gore/hunter/LMJ, or Davis; and having to worry about Kaep and Robinson running. It becomes too much to handle at one time, something will be open.

And the best part of this whole idea is that we are picking up this insane play maker and game changer in the 4-7th round of the draft. This is a complete steal. By no means am I saying that we need to reach for Robinson. If we need to take a legit WR or a legit RB (Franklin/Lattimore) first, or a O Linemen, thats fine. But we should pick this guy up while hes there. It becomes a extremely low risk high reward type of move, and one that can change the NFL. Worst case scenario he is a ST contributor. But the possibilities are endless.

We all know what Coach can do for a QB. Let him get a crack at Robinson and I bet that when called upon he would be able to make the necessary throw. The routes would be called to fit his throwing strengths, and if the passing doesnt work, he can still run and catch the ball.

Lets get him over here to compete with with the speedsters Austin and Harvin. Give the guy a chance and see if something special happens.

The whole QB/RB thing is a little crazy, but think about how cool it would be...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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