A Very Brief History of Selected Niners Nation Lore

Like any internet community, Niners Nation has a rich history of terrible inside jokes. I really have nothing more to say about it. Most of these jokes are just awful, and are only brought up out of respect.

1. Panther Watch


3. Susan Lucci

4. The David Carr Press Conference

5. Timmy the Intern

6. Evil Fooch


8. The Harbaughcalypse / This is the thread!


In the '09-'10 season leading up to the 2010 draft, the 49ers were in possession of the 1st round selection of the Carolina Panthers. The lead writer for the blog quickly realized that an extra story line to the season was the progress of the Carolina Panthers - the worse they did, the better we fared.

This link, an article dated September 13, 2009, is the very beginning of "Panther Watch".

This link, an article dated September 28, 2009, is the first appearance of the "Panther Watch" graphic.

In the '12-'13 season leading up to the 2013 draft, the 49ers were in possession of the 3rd round selection of the Carolina Panthers. This led to Panther Watch Redux: The Re-Panthering. You'll notice the Watch itself got cooler, relatively. As cool as a Pink Panther watch is going to get, anyway.

Some of the newer members might have noticed the recent, "Nnamdi Watch" (which was actually Nnamdi Watch 2.0, the previous Nnamdi Watch led to Philly's "Dream Team") - yes, that was recalling this exact piece of Niners Nation Lore. A little further in the past was "Peyton Watch", although nobody came up with a neat Peyton Manning watch. It did, however, lead to one of the greatest and most memorable conversations I've seen at this site - one that is still referenced to this day.


A long time ago, before Niners Nation was even a glimmer in my eye, there was a magnificent user by the name of "KORY SHEETS WAS OUR FUTURE". Yes, all capital letters and all spaced out like that. I obviously never had the chance to see this user's live posts or comments, but luckily, the Fan Posts he ... "wrote" ... are still available.

This user wrote a handful of submissions, each as incoherent and ridiculous as the next. He was a big fan of Shaun Hill and Mike Singletary. He disliked Mike Nolan, and hated Alex Smith. He was distraught that he was never able to purchase a Shaun Hill jersey. But most importantly, he decried the cutting of Kory Sheets, and lamented a future that didn't include him.

These days, you'll often see people jokingly refer to a UDFA prospect with the suffix, IOF. You'll likely notice over the coming months "BJDIOF" - B.J. Daniels IS OUR FUTURE. When you see this, it's important to note that they are far from serious - player initials suffixed by IOF/WOF (Is Our Future/Was Our Future) are rarely serious business.

This link is the user's profile. If you click "blog", you'll find his 6 submissions. They're all fantastic reads.

This link is possibly the most famous Fan Post on Niners Nation of all time.

I was unaware of this joke at the tail end of Nate Davis' 49er career. After his release, I saw "NDWOF" popping up everywhere. It didn't take long to figure out it wasn't serious, and neither should you.


Az, if you've been reading this and realized I was hinting at you earlier, get cringing. A new generation of NNers are about to discover... Well..

In the long offseason of 2012 (pre-draft, of course), Peyton Manning was released from his long-time team, the Indianapolis Colts. As he was embarking on his world tour to find a suitor willing to pay him twenty million dollars a year, the San Francisco 49ers were being linked to him by every two-bit media hustler trying to score some attention. Hence, Niners Nation went to Defcon 5 and so began, "PEYTON WATCH". As the minutes turned to hours, and the hours turned to days, the patience and sanity of the faithful NNers began to wane. When the tired soldiers could no longer muster up enough care to discuss mock drafts, conversation turned more candid, as conversation is wont to do.

I won't give you all the answers on this one, but there are two (or more) gems to be found in the comments section of that article. Now certainly, There have been elongated jokes that I can remember (Internet High Five Crew, More Pass Rushers, etc.), but none have had the magnitude of what was said in this thread. It can't be unsaid, and frankly, I hope it's never forgotten.


In the offseason of 2010, embattled Free Agent QB David Carr was supposedly close to signing a contract with the 49ers. When his signing had been all but assured, CSN Bay Area set up a news conference to welcome him. Due to it being the usual "hard-up for news" time that is the offseason, a NN thread was made for instant response and discussion to the news conference. However, this news conference never happened, although the signing did. Eventually.

While the content of the thread itself is, well, offseason thread content... The comments section became an instant classic. Unlike other famous comment sections, this greatness of this thread is holistic in response to the situation, as opposed to greatness due to a handful of absurd (but memorable) comments.

The live stream of the conference ended up being a handful of beat writers in a room with a window. It was postulated that the beat writers were actually reading, live, what was being written about them at Niners Nation. Beyond that, however, this thread is solely responsible for the creation of the "Open Threads" that we know and love today. As Fooch writes in the follow-up thread:

I wanted to use this post to once again point out how awesome this Niners Nation community really is. This was the ultimate non-story, and yet we surpassed 500 comments in the thread. That's just amazing. And it wasn't like people were posting short 1-word comments like we see in game threads when something big happens. No, in this thread we had some high comedy unveiled. So I just want to thank everybody who took part in what will go down as one of the more randomly epic threads in Niners Nation history.

h/t Bignerd


At the end of the summer of 2011, many changes had taken place within the San Francisco 49ers organization, including the implementation of Coach Harbaugh, General Manager Trent Baalke, the drafting of then-backup QB Colin Kaepernick, and the general removal of the vestiges of the previous organization. One such removal was that of Taylor Mays, an ill-fated 2nd round Safety that was hastily taken by the hard-headed Mike Dingletary, who was in love with with Fysicality. With an F.

Our own London Niner personified the ineptitude of the 2002-2010 San Francisco 49ers organization with a character we know and love - Timmy the Intern. The link I have posted seems to be the initial debut of ol' Timmy (who was most recently sighted at his new post at the Fax Machine in the Denver Bronco's Headquarters). For our newer guys, if you ever see a Front Office blunder and the comments explode with "Timmy's back" or something to that effect, this is what we are referring to.


In the offseason of 2011, some brilliant user somewhere came up with the anti-Fooch, known to us as "Evil Fooch". Here is a link to the profile, although he was banned shortly into his excellent career of spreading confusion and making us laugh.

Later that year, another Evil Fooch came out of the woodworks. Unfortunately, this one's 'stache was weak, his jokes weren't funny, and he was summarily banned after two posts.

Just so you know.... Here is THE Evil Fooch


I hurt my back trying to limbo

because while I was taking the lawyer exam, the Bar had been set too low.

Don't sign up for a free account with Niners Nation!

by David Fuccillo (Foooch) on Mar 6, 2011 | 10:31 AM

Evil Fooch was a fan of the Cowboys, the Yankees, and wasn't a writer at Niners Nation. He did, however, love Justin Bieber and his Wario 'stache. Although his posts were few, they were always well timed and he made the absolute most out of every situation.

just move on...

Point’s been made about the comment.

Sign up for a free account on Niners Nation!

by David Fucillo on Mar 3, 2011 | 6:52 PM

I agree

No use dwelling on such a comment.

Don't sign up for a free account with Niners Nation!

by David Fuccillo (Foooch) on Mar 3, 2011 | 7:02 PM rec (2)

Are you now agreeing with yourself Fooch?

Maybe I should try that.

by Glasgow_49er on Mar 3, 2011 | 7:04 PM

read closer

New account from somebody else. I thought I was agreeing with myself too before reading closer.

Sign up for a free account on Niners Nation!

by David Fucillo on Mar 3, 2011 | 7:04 PM

*Note - at this time, Regular Fooch's name was displayed as 'David Fucillo (Fooch)'

Despite the ban of Evil Fooch, his legend managed to continue on. If a user would cause a fuss, it could be attributed to Evil Fooch hacking his computer, for instance. Evil Fooch was rumored to be bent on taking over the world, as well as being pure propaganda for the regular Fooch's attempt to take over the world.

h/t Bignerd (again)


A relatively uncommon, but classic nonetheless, running gag here at Niners Nation has been the fine tradition of BREAKING NEWZ. The term in it's current incarnation had been used a few times before it had any meaning, but mostly as a spelling error made by the types of people who like to replace "S" with "Z" from time to time. However, in July of 2011, our fallen comrade Drew Kerr responded facetiously to a "Thank you Cpt. Obvious" type statement. The entirety of message was summed up in those two solitary words, replete with full capitalization and an egregious spelling error. While concise and blunt, the post communicated a variety of emotion, and soon become a welcome addition to the Niners Nation lexicon.

The beauty of BREAKING NEWZ is the variety of ways in which it can be used - it can indicate several shades of sarcasm, and is a very handy tool that may be applied in several circumstances. If you see "BREAKING NEWZ", you should mentally apply the sarcasm font to the rest of the submission, you'll usually get a kick out of what comes next.


After the firing of HOF Linebacker Mike Singletary, the 49ers were fortunate enough to have the winningest coach in franchise history - Jim Tomsula with a 1.00 record, having never lost a game in his tenure as a head coach of one game. Of course, a new HC needed to be found in the offseason, and handfuls of names were connected to the 49ers. Of the vast array of candidates, one name meant the most - Jim Harbaugh. The coach from Stanford University had completely revolutionized a substandard program into a feared juggernaut of the NCAA, and the Niners Nation community erupted with excitement over the prospect of finding a world class Head Coach.

Over the first weekend of January 2011, the HC rumors became very heated, with the media portraying a three-way tie between the Miami Dolphins, San Francisco 49ers, and Stanford Cardinal as the potential teams which would boast Jim Harbaugh as their Head Coach. Throughout that weekend alone, there was news that Harbaugh had given quite a bit of attention to the Dolphins, and that Andrew Luck would be returning to Stanford for the 2011-2012 season. That weekend proved to be an emotional rollercoaster, a perfect storm of hope, despair, desperation, and cautious optimism that led to upwards of 25,000 comments over around 30 full posts (Let this sink in - most Sunday games get 4-5 threads with anywhere between 1,000 to 5,000 comments total).

As we all know, Jim Harbaugh signed with us, and words can't start to describe the excitement at Niners Nation. Around here, we don't see many green threads. In fact, as a community, we're very protective of our recs (I'm looking at you Field Gulls. Rec'ing EVERYTHING is not a good look, fellas.) - but the denouement of the weekend, the thread in which we found out that Harbaugh would be a 49er, was green from top to bottom.

One of the few things that anybody can possibly remember from that thread was the emergence of "THIS IS THE THREAD". I personally don't have the patience to sift through roughly 9,000 entries, so I'm going to assume that the phrase had been said at least once or twice before January of 2011, but at this time, the popularity of the phrase skyrocketed. While the literal meaning of the phrase is mundane, the significance of this phrase has made it a favorite here at Niners Nation. This phrase is tantamount to the idea of "prayer" - the congregation of Sunday's finest at the church of Niners Nation praying to the Football Gods. "THIS IS THE THREAD" is generally found when we are a dark horse candidate, when we are losing, or when we flat out need a miracle. In the context of the Harbaughcalypse, we needed a miracle. The Football Gods heard our plea, and performed said miracle. Two years later, we still offer this small but powerful prayer to the Football Gods.

The link posted above seems to be the first instance of the phrase over the Harbaughcalypse. "THIS IS THE THREAD" was repeated likely more than 500 times in different forms over the next several days.

(h/t James Brady)


If you guys remember any more, toss 'em in the comments section and I'll add the article URLs to a little notepad file I have.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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