Niner 2013 Draft – the MD Eastern Shore Review

I was stuck in Ocean Shitty over the weekend for a seminar. This removed me from the nail biting and kept me at bay – taking smoke breaks to read up on the latest news. That didn’t work out well. I sifted thru the results in our hotel room each night. Our 3 GSDs: Geyr, Loki and Thor, and… my beautiful and adoring wife came along. Without further ado – here’s my break down. These are ordered by their skilz not draft selection. I know they are not in order

Numero Uno: FS Eric Reid – a safe pick. No! Check that.

  1. Anquan Bolden is the Niner first draft pick. Egg-Cell-Lint pick!
  2. E. Reid: 1st rounders are guaranteed to make it. Size and speed are known. Strength and moxie in the NFL is not known. Comes from the best college division SEC. Must be able to start. We will see. I picked Cyprien.
  3. DE/DT Tank (David) Carradine. David Carradine played a Kung FU warrior in the 1970s show Kung Fu. He was nicknamed Grasshopper. He kicked major ass each week. So will Tank. Strong, run stuffing beast with many pluses. Nice selection. I wanted Margus Hunt…
  4. TE Vance (Old) McDonald – Check my mock draft and see I had this guy selected. He fits the mold Baalke Harbaugh wants/needs and was IMO the best TE in this draft. Tall, STRONG, can block and catch. Over half of his receptions = 1st downs. Eee-I, Eee-I, Ooooh hell yeah! I wanted this guy.
  5. RB Marcus Lattimore – as many said: The best RB in the draft. Frank has one year left as a starter. Lattimore is the future – UNLESS… his knee is done. Otherwise a lucky, sneaky, great pick. I picked The Spartan back.
  6. DE Quinton (Speed) Dial – Bama product – know him well. My IN-Laws are die hard Bama fans. We watch every game together as a family. Dial is huge. He can and will succeed. Good stock, Good program. He will bear fruit. I picked Brandon Williams.
  7. WR Quinton Patton – Another crash and burn, or - out of nowhere steal. Make him another set of hands and the best pairs will prevail. I wanted Chris Harper K-state.
  8. LB Corey Lemonier – Dunno, Dunno, Dunno. Au-burn?!!! Didn’t they suckish? Not sold on this pick. Could be a ST specialist or draft fodder. Need a permanent helper to augment Patrick and NaVorro. He is likely NOT that guy. I picked Cornelius Washington - Georgia.
  9. Moody, Daniels, Bykowski, Cooper – Face it, these guys have zippy chance of making the squad-unless… Somehow someway they manage to stand out in group who are stout across the board. DT, S, CB, TE were the needs. I suspect the 49er CB will come from a trade later this year. I so wanted Barrett Jones – Bama OL.

Comment: Six players who will make contributions – not too bad. Nice work 49er management!!! DAMN that salary cap. If SF could pack their picks and sign 3 first rounders – its SB Ba-bee! Sadly, they cannot do that. WHY? Because too many eff-tard franchises refuse to pay players. If they want parity – demand teams pay starters a min-E-mum – the average of the top ten at each position. Get rid of the cap. Detroit remains Detroit. The crap teams endure more than the ones willing to pay and risk. End the Cap NOW! OW!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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