Somebody is moving 2 safety(PREDICTIONS)

Carlos Rogers, are you ready? You are moving to safety, unless for some reason Vic, think's Chris Culliver, is ready for that spot. After they way he broke down during the playoffs and superbowl I doubt it; yet at this point still remains are most consistent CB.

N.Asomugha, congratulations all you have to do is survive training camp and you are starting.

T.Brown The team has decided to keep T.Brock who is actually making more than Asomugha, and they will owe you 3.4 mil this season, you may not be on the team by the end of the draft, but should you make it, you better standout in camp, or find yourself being released.

C.Culliver, you should be the number two, but I can see Vic using you on certain WO, much like he did last year. I wouldn't be surprised If you stay at the 3, but If Brown is gone, promotion gamecock.

T.Brock, should be the first reserve to see significant playing time.

P.Cox, should at this point follow Brock, but I can see us looking to get younger talent at this position at some point in the draft. He could surprise me and challenge a CB during OTA's and camp, providing he makes it.

D.Whittner, signs point to him starting, but If someone else becomes available I can see you moving on.


I stand by my prediction that the Niners, will address the D-line and WO spot with the first two picks, the bottom is this, Those are the position that need the most help, for now and tomorrow. And they might look at the o-line also before looking to draft a DB. Collin Kaep payday is around the corner, this will take money away from M,Crabtree, we need insurance and can address this early in the draft, remember Crabtree held out his rookie season. And we still have to pay one of the two guys M. Iupati and A. Davis If not both.

As I understand it, the Niners, have about 2 million in cap space after the acquisitions of C.McCoy and N.Asomugha.On a team that has to sign draft picks and then create space for veteran resignings, with the new rookie pay scale under the current CBA, you are pretty much signing second rounders and beyond for free. So my official draft prediction is as follows. DL,WR,OL, not necessarily in that order, we could still trade some picks.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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