49ers 7 Round Mock Draft

Here is my latest 2013 NFL Mock Draft for the 49ers. Note I didn't predict trades so for the 49ers some positions are just going to get some extra attention. If you want to follow along with the full Mock Draft go here

1st Round: TE Tyler Eifert, Notre Dame-

-With Walker in Tennessee the 49ers could use a 2nd tight end. Eifert made the most sense here as he offers value and is more of a two-way TE, unlike Zach Ertz. The 49ers may have more pressing needs, but they have the luxury to make this pick.

2nd Round: S Eric Reid, LSU-

-The 49ers turn that Alex Smith pick into an immediate starter in Eric Reid. I know some are down on him recently but this kid can play. I think he's a great fit for this defense and should make an early impact.

2nd Round: G Larry Warford, Kentucky-

-Though the 49ers are set right now along the offensive line, they could use some better depth. Warford I think is a great pick at this spot and would be a huge addition to this team. Not only is their the depth aspect, but the 49ers could use a replacement center for Goodwin. While he's not a natural center, I firmly believe that Warford could make the transition.

3rd Round: WR Ryan Swope, Texas A&M-

-Adding another weapon for Kaepernick makes a lot of sense. Swope could be a very dangerous weapon out of the slot, and could help replace Boldin in a year if he isn't retained. Adding Swope's speed on offense, should allow the 49ers to get creative with some special packages with guys like him and James in the backfield with Kaepernick.

3rd Round: S Shamarko Thomas, Syracuse-

-Thomas offers the 49ers good value here and nice depth. He very well could develop into a starting strong safety down the road, but in the meantime will be a special teams and subpackage player.

4th Round: OLB Cornelius Washington, Georgia-

-Though he didn't have a distinguished career at Georgia, a big Senior Bowl week and Combine make him one of the more interesting prospects. He could be a nice situational rusher for the 49ers.

4th Round: QB Matt Scott, Arizona-

-While they traded for Colt McCoy, the 49ers need more than him backing up their star quarterback. Scott has nice potential and could be a Pistol QB as well. When McCoy is a free agent next season Scott should be ready to be the primary back-up.

5th Round: RB/FB Zach Line, SMU-

-Line is a hybrid RB/FB, who can help in certain packages, and fill the role once envisioned for Anthony Dixon.

6th Round: CB Steve Williams, Cal-

-Williams showed excellent speed at the Combine and he has an intriguing tape. He's an upside play, but offers youth and potential for an aging CB group.

6th Round: CB Terry Hawthorne, Illinois-

-This is where we get a bit of overkill, but it's a nice value pick for the 49ers and gives them multiple young corner options. Which could potentially allow them to stash one on the practice squad.

7th Round: WR Brandon Kaufman, Eastern Washington-

-This pick would probably be ticketed for the practice squad (likely all their 7th rounders would be), but Kaufman is an intriguing receiver, who offers nice size. After a year on the PS he could compete for a role with a couple receivers contracts expiring.

7th Round: RB Stefphon Jefferson, Nevada-

-Though RB is a strength, it would make some sense to bring in a pure Pistol running back, and one that is a former teammate of Collin Kaepernick. Jefferson would still probably be a long shot to make the team, but you never know given his knowledge of the offensive system.

7th Round TE Levine Toilolo, Stanford

-Though Harbaugh didn't draft his former TE earlier in the draft, this could be a nice value pick. Toilolo isn't a great prospect, but he offers really intriguing size. Give him a year on the practice squad and he could develop into a nice player.

What do you think? How do you like the draft?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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