Analysis of 2013 Draft Class

I just got done watching a bunch of film on each of our draft picks (excluding Nick Moody and Carter Bykowski, was unable to find any), and want to offer my analysis. Rather than give a grade, I'm going to give a number from 1-10 on the excitement scale, because I don't believe I am able to evaluate like Harbaalke.

Round 1, Pick 18: Eric Reid (9/10)

I am fully willing to eat my words with this pick. I was not for drafting Reid because he has somewhat questionable coverage rep, but as the stories of his character and intelligence coupled with his insane measurables and tape swirled in my mind, I was convinced. He makes plays, and if Harbaalke believe the coverage inconsistencies can be ironed out, then I'm sold.

Round 2, Pick 40: Tank Carradine (10/10)

This dude is a beast. No doubt in my mind he is the steal of the draft (the other three candidates are in our draft class anyway in Lemonier, Patton, and Lattimore) Carradine absolutely demolishes the opposing lineman with a combo of speed and strength, and has a relentless motor. The only negative I see on tape is that he...delays off the snap. I believe this can be ironed out, and once he gains experience, watch out. I believe he is going to put on another 10-15 pounds onto his lower body and be even more explosive.

Round 2, Pick 55: Vance McDonald (4/10)

Remember, this is an excitement scale, which is honestly what we fans grade by for the most part. I'm not knocking McDonald, but he didn't overwhelm me on the film, even though his measurables indicate otherwise. He is a strong blocker and possesses decent hands, but looks like he doesn't have game-breaking athleticism. I think he will be a perfect TE2 to block above average and stress the defense with another solid option, which is exactly what Harbaalke drafted him to do (I believe).

Round 3, Pick 88: Corey Lemonier (10/10)

While I think Carradine is the steal of the draft, Lemonier is my favorite pick. He's like an Aldon Smith lite-version; I would say he is actually possesses more pure athleticism than Aldon, but isn't quite as freaky lengthwise, though he does have long arms. Lemonier just wrecks people with speed, and has good power as well. He produced in the SEC, and I firmly believe he could be a double-digit sack guy if he ever replaces Ahmad Brooks full time.

Round 4, Pick 128: Quinton Patton (9/10)

Patton won the consensus "You're awesome" award from NN when he arrived 10 days too early for training camp. Even though he had to go home, you can just tell Harbaugh can't wait to work with him. Patton is the quintessential "baller", which in my definition is a guy who may not possess top-line measurables, but is just a unbelievable competitor who is a stud on the field. This isn't to say that he isn't fast or quick or that he is small, just that his tape indicates first round talent, while his measurables maybe more third round. He ripped up almost every game against top competiton except against D.J. Hayden, the 12th overall pick of the draft by the Raiders.

Round 4, Pick 131: Marcus Lattimore (8/10)

We all know about Lattimore. He runs kind of like Eric Dickerson; upright and violent. If he ever becomes fully healthy, I see him taking over for Frank Gore. In fact, he reminds me of Frank Gore because of his ability to do everything, just like Frank, but maybe as an even better pure runner.

Round 5, Pick 157: Quinton Dial (3/10)

Not overly athletic, but a big body who competed in a top conference in the top football program in the nation. If anyone can mold a raw prospect like Dial, it's Jim Tomsula. I see him taking over the versatile back-up role of RJF if he can crack the roster.

Round 6, Pick 180: Nick Moody (?/10)


Round 7, Pick 237: B.J. Daniels (5/10)

Reminds me of Russell Wilson: small, tough competitor with good athleticism and a surprisingly good arm. Obviously not as polished as Wilson is, but Daniels can be an excellent back-up to run the read-option if Kaepernick is ever hurt.

Round 7, Pick 246 Carter Bykowski (?/10)


Round 7, Pick 252 Marcus Cooper (8/10)

An 8 for the third-to-last-pick of the draft? Cooper is 6'2.5, with a long wingspan, and moves extremely quickly and fluidly. If he can pack on about 20 pounds of muscle (yes, he's very thin), I could see this guy developing into a solid cover corner prospect.

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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