Crabtree out, what should the 49ers do?

First off stop panicking. Yes, Crabs and Boldin together would have been a great combination. But I have always been a fan of having a veteran WR and a high potential WR start, 1 and 2.

The Seahawks and Bucs have been the type of teams that, in the last few years, have developed players and given them a chance to shine and cut their losses if they don't. Not so much on the WR side but more of the defensive positions. I don't see why that attitude cant be taken with the WR position.

Give them a chance, if they don't excel give the next guy a chance. I was a supporter of bringing in Moss last year to mentor the young WR corp but now is the time to let them fly or cut your losses. We have a lot of high potential players that never ever get the chance to show what they can do because SF has always been a quick fix veteran addition team. This has been true for the last decade.

The Antonio Bryants and Braylon Edwards additions. We have a veteran WR. Boldin. Lets let him be that veteran player and let one of our young potential WRs start and get the experience to develop into a potential star player. The NFL is very open to letting QBs have a sink or swim test and even RBs, its time for WRs to do it. Some teams do. Calvin Johnson, Torrey Smith, etc.

Our options

AJ Jenkins: 1st round pick, "high potential". Its sink or swim time. He has had a whole year to learn behind Moss, Crabtree and this year he will have Boldin. You can't ask for a better set of veterans to show you what you need to know. At this point he either has it or doesn't. And you won't find out until you throw him out there to the wolves.

Richardo Lockette: Everyone and their mother talks about how much potential this guy has yet THEY NEVER LET HIM PLAY. Who cares about your potential if you don't get a chance to showcase what you can do. And aside from the next guy, Lockette I think is going to be the wild card for the WR corp. First off, he is the tallest WR we have. Our tallest "WRs" are actually our TEs all around 6-5 and 6-4. All our other WRs range from 5-8 to 6ft and 180lbs. Boldin is 6-1 and 220 so he has the build to push people around. Lockette is 6-2, 211. If there is going to be a prototypical WR who fits that bill its him. Give the man playing time or else stop wasting the roster spot.

Quinton Patton: A lot of potential. I would work him at 3rd and 4th and see if he outshines the rest. He looks like a future Mike Wallace and the only way we are going to find out is if he gets a chance.

Kyle Williams: Has always wreaked of potential but due to his playing style and skill set he has had issues staying healthy and being consistent. Time to find out if he can or else he is forever at best a 3rd WR or slot.

Everyone on your team should be fighting to start. Now that theres an opportunity. Throw them out there and see who does the best, excels the most, and gives your team a better chance at winning.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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