Golden Nuggets: Is Ricardo Lockette the real deal?


Tuesday, May 28th, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet.

So things are slowing down as far as actual, factual football news is concerned. Everyone is still talking about the injury to WR Michael Crabtree -- and who can blame them? It's a significant loss, even if the San Francisco 49ers do manage to replace him effectively.

I gotta say: I'm still a little flummoxed over the hype around Ricardo Lockette. I haven't done a whole lot of film-watching, admittedly, but I have to wonder if he's going to get as honest a chance as everyone is making it seem or if he's just what we're hyping right now since it's the offseason and everybody is just a little bored. If the guy breaks out and is awesome, then hey, I'm all for it.

But right now, my money is on Quinton Patton and barring some injury (those are fun), that's not changing. Onto your links for the day, folks. (Keep in mind there aren't many today -- we'll have some repeats. Post anything you find in the comments).

I think it's interesting that the coaching staff wasn't totally sold on Colin Kaepernick coming in and playing his lights out from the get go. I certainly wasn't -- I expected Kaepernick to come in, play decently, but ultimately give way to Alex Smith, a winning quarterback. I didn't agree with the quarterback switch at the time but hey, this is why I'm not a coach in the NFL. | Jed York: 'We weren't sure how Colin was going to play' (BA Sports Guy)

Here's more of the Lockette talk I'm a little mystified by. Is he really someone to watch closely or just someone that Jim Harbaugh is hyping up? You guys tell me. | Ricardo Lockette: A 49ers receiver to watch closely (Lynch)

Now here's the guy I'm sold on: Patton. I think he's NFL-ready and I think he'll come in and earn playing time over both Lockette and A.J. Jenkins -- though I do have some stuff to watch on Lockette before the season begins, of course. Maybe I'll see the light then. | Third Day Gems: WR Patton (Rotoworld)

Crabtree injury: May gloom can end in February brilliance (Barrows)

A statistical comparison of the 49ers' top cornerbacks (Cohn)

Target rich: Harvin, Crabtree, Amendola (Sando)

Michael Crabtree fallout: Target rates telling (Sando)

49ers: Lockette getting crash course as Crabtree's fill-in (Press Democrat)

How effective will Crabtree be once he returns? (BA Sports Guy)

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