My 24-Man All-Time Worst NFL Team

This article has the same premise as its companion (

After doing a little research, here is my take on the list that "germinator" made in the comments thread of the above-mentioned list. This one, though, assumes that these players are all at the low points of their NFL careers.

A lot of factors come into play here depending on who you are: How high or low was the player drafted? What were expectations for him coming into the league? Was it injuries, attitude or a lack of talent that made him so horrible?

For clarification, this is NOT a draft bust list. The goal of this list is to assemble a team that would never win a game in the NFL, using players that actually played in the NFL. Many were busts; some were just plain horrible.

Here is the worst NFL team of all time:

QB: Rusty Lisch (Bears 1984) (How does it make you look when Mike Ditka decides to play Walter Payton at QB instead of you?)

RB: Lawrence Phillips (A homer pick, for missing the block on Steve Young's backside)

FB: Dick Leftridge (Steelers 1966)

WR: Jimmy Hines (Dolphins 1969)

WR: Renaldo Nehamiah (49ers 1982)

TE: Johnny Mitchell (Jets 1992)

LT: Kevin Allen (Eagles 1985)

LG: Kwame Harris (49ers 2003) (OK, I know he wasn't a guard, but I had to find a spot for him on this list. I think comparing him to Kwame Brown of the NBA is actually pretty funny) Allen/Thomas were two abysmal tackles; I think an O-Line with all of these guys would be the worst in NFL history. Like, just send Lawrence Phillips by himself and all 5 of them couldn't block him bad.)

C: Eric Ghiaciuc (Bengals 2005)

RG: Everett McIver (Jets 1994)

RT: Stan Thomas (Bears 1991)

DE: Shante Carver (Cowboys 1995)

DT: Michael Haynes (2003 Chicago Bears)

DT: Ted Gregory (Saints 1988)

DE: Cedric Jones (Giants 1996)

OLB: Dana Nafziger (Bucs 1977)

MLB: Brian Bosworth (Seahawks 1987)

CB: Rashard Anderson (Panthers 2000)

SS: Elvis Patterson (Giants 1984)

FS: Leroy Keyes (Eagles 1969)

CB: Curtis DeLoatch (Giants 2004)

K: Bob Timberlake (Giants, 1965)

P: Russell Erxleben (Saints 1979; the #11 overall draft pick!!!!)

Honorable Mentions: Tim Rattay, Troy Williamson, Tim Couch, Tony Mandarich (drafted instead of Barry Sanders and Deion Sanders!!!), Jim Druckenmiller, Kyle Boller, Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, Joey Harrington, Peter Warrick, Charles Rogers, Rae Carruth (purely based on character issues), Vernon Gholston, Akili Smith, Maurice Clarett, Bucky Dilts (look up a story on him LOL), Qunicy Carter, Alex Van Dyke, Michael Haddix, Kim McQuilken, Gino Carmazzi (though he never actually took a snap), and Kentwan Balmer.

Here are a couple of funny articles on the subject. I normally don't like Bleacher Report very much (they can be kind of amateurish), but I think that they can name bad players pretty well.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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