Fantasy Draft With Today's Players

When I used to play Madden, my favorite thing to do in the game was to play Franchise Mode with the Fantasy Draft turned on. So, I thought it would be fun (for me, anyway) to start all 32 teams over and throw all the players into a pool and draft them in the order that I thought they should go. The question here isn't merely "Who is the best QB? or RB?" It is: "Which player can be the cornerstone of a dynasty?"

Here is what I think the first round of a modern Fantasy Draft would look like. I'm going to insert teams, but in a different order than you would normally see them: I'm going to invert the order from this year's rookie draft (assuming every team had one pick: their originally assigned one). The current "best" team would come first, and they supposedly earned that right by beating out everyone else. The reason that I'm choosing to include teams at all is because the FO and coaching staff have a huge impact on what kind of player a team would take.

Pick 1. Ravens take Aaron Rodgers. Sure, they are happy with Flacco now, but, if they had a chance to start over, do you really think that they would pass on taking a QB as dynamic as Rodgers?

Pick 2: 49ers take Andrew Luck. A chance to reunite Harbaugh with what is perhaps going to be the QB of the decade. Kaep looks great, but do you think they would pass on taking Luck for him?

Pick 3: Falcons take Tom Brady.

Pick 4: Patriots take Drew Brees.

Pick 5: Broncos take Tim Tebow. Just kidding. Peyton Manning it is.

Pick 6: Texans take Eli Manning.

Pick 7: Packers take Colin Kaepernick. Here is where it gets tricky. Do you take potential upside in a QB or a sure thing like Peterson or Willis? Kaep has vocalized that he would have liked to play for the Packers (if not the 49ers); and he torched them last postseason. I think they would pull the trigger and take a gamble on having one of the best QBs of the generation.

Pick 8: Seattle takes Adrian Peterson. All of the best QBs are gone, and AP is clearly better than everyone left on the board (although you could make the argument that AP is better than EVERYBODY on the board).

Pick 9: Colts take Matt Ryan. To me, he is a step above Flacco (although you can't fault Flacco's production). Given the right team, I think Ryan goes all the way with no problem.

Pick 10: Vikings take Patrick Willis. With the retirement of Urlacher and Ray Lewis, the NFL is entering the Willis era. He is arguably the best defensive player in the league. Can't fault them for taking him here.

Pick 11: Redskins take Robert Griffin III. I think there are better individual players left, but I don't think Washington would WANT anyone else.

Pick 12: Bengals take Joe Flacco.

Pick 13: Bears take Ben Roethlisberger. They could go a lot of different directions here, including just sticking with Jay Cutler, but I think Big Ben's playoff/SB experience would win out in the end.

Pick 14: Giants take JJ Watt. They have predicated their modern success on solid QB play and great play in the trenches on both sides of the ball. They hope to pick up a solid QB in round 2 and pick up arguably the best pass rusher in the league here.

Pick 15: Cowboys take... Tony Romo. There are a lot of better players left, but my reasoning is this: They spent over $100 million on the guy this year; would they really pass up the chance to keep him? I'm not a Romo fan (though I'm not a hater either); but I think Jerry Jones is just that stubborn.

Pick 16: Steelers take Von Miller. He just seems to me to be what they are looking for as an organization.

Pick 17: Rams take Joe Thomas. They have to keep their QB (whoever it is) off of his back.

Pick 18: Saints take Calvin Johnson. The Saints appear to me to have a FO that is focused on the offensive side of the ball. As someone said earlier today, Johnson can make average QBs look great.

Pick 19: Panthers take Clay Matthews.

Pick 20: Buccaneers take Jay Cutler. Cutler might not be dynamite, but he is consistent. (I'll probably catch a lot of flack just for saying that).

Pick 21: Dolphins take Arian Foster. After years of dysfunctional management and missing the playoffs, the Dolphins the next best thing to AP here.

Pick 22: Chargers take Jason Peters. They are thinking they can get Rivers at a cheaper spot in the next round and want to protect him better than they have been.

Pick 23: Titans take Larry Fitzgerald. They finally get the playmaking receiver they've been trying to find for the last million years.

Pick 24: Jets take Navorro Bowman. The Jets have holes and problems everywhere, including (and especially) in their FO. They need someone who can provide the team with identity and consistency. Bowman, in my opinion, is going to be one of the great ones.

Pick 25: Bills take Phillip Rivers. Hopefully he solves their huge QB problem.

Pick 26: Cardinals take Bobby Wagner. Not only do I get him off of the Seahawks (so I can stop hearing about him all of the time), but I also give him to one of their division rivals.

Pick 27: Browns take Jamaal Charles.

Pick 28: Lions take Justin Smith. They seriously need an attitude adjustment on their D-Line if they ever hope to win.

Pick 29: Eagles take Aldon Smith.

Pick 30: Raiders take Richard Sherman. He just seems like he would fit there.

Pick 31: Jaguars take Michael Vick. Seriously, if the Eagles had cut Vick, I think he would have gone to Jacksonville. I think he's the best QB left on the board, although you could push for Tannehill or Freeman if you like.

Pick 32: Chiefs take Brian Cushing.

Some might be upset that Revis didn't go in the first round. I left him off because I can't see a team betting their future on a non-QB coming off of a serious surgery, without proof that he will still be good. I'm sure he will be good, but will he be franchise-player good? Also, no NTs taken (unless you count Justin Smith). To me, there is a tendency towards speed now in the NFL, and not many NTs have that. I looked at a list of who was available in the league, and whil Kevin Williams, Geno Atkins, Gerald McCoy, etc. were available, I again don't see any team making them their franchise players.

All of this is just a matter of opinion anyway, because it would never happen. But it sure is fun to think about!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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