Golden Nuggets: Patrick Willis wants to get ... better?

Chris Graythen

Saturday, June 15th, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet.

Good morning folks, if you were wondering about the picture in yesterday's Golden Nuggets, I want to clear up that it had nothing to do with the headline. Definitely a mistake on my part, I just happened to see the photo as one of the top photos in our editor (and it's new) and I absolutely had to. I mean ... look at Mike Iupati. That dude is ridiculous. I'm a big guy myself and I'd probably weep and beg for mercy if I say that coming at me.

Anyway, minicamp is done and now we have training camp to look forward to. This portion of the offseason sucks, and on top of that, my move back to California (finally!) won't come until after training camp so I can't even go. But anyway, I'm gonna wipe the tears and just get on to the links.


Calm down, Patrick Willis. Whatever happened to being OK with being the most dominant inside linebacker in the NFL? If this guy gets any better, the rest of the league is going to be in serious trouble. In Willis we trust. | Willis hungry to improve on first six seasons (Maiocco)

I actually kind of forgot that Daniel Kilgore existed. Now that I've read a bit more about him, I'm starting to believe he can contribute as a quality backup. It's not that I ever doubted him, I just kind of ... forgot about our backup offensive linemen, seeing as how our line rocks face. | Kilgore Turns Heads at Minicamp (49ers)

49ers fans: What have you done in the last 528 days? (BA Sports Guy)

Seahawks CB reacts angrily to Harbaugh hearsay (BA Sports Guy)

Is Craig Dahl right about 49ers tipping their plays? (SI)

Minicamp notes: Kaepernick's flourish; Daniels' worth; Moore, McDonald stand out (Barrows)

49ers talk with Niners Nation's David Fucillo (BA Sports Guy)

Harbaugh: Dahl's insights confirm what 49ers knew (Maiocco)

Following up: Harbaugh on tipping off plays (Sando)

Naysayers and snubs are good motivators for 49ers' Gore (Barrows)

Quarterbacks, coordinators and continuity (Sando)

Five observations from 49ers minicamp (Gin)

Steve Mariucci Admires 49ers Roster (49ers)

Lemonier Embraes Position Change (49ers)

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