Which team will miss their star the most?

Ok, so far the new football year is barely upon us, and teams have been devastated with injuries to some high profile guys. As we all know, our very own beloved 49ers have been struck with the early injury bug, but indeed they are far from the only team who has felt this pests wrath!! More recently teams such as Baltimore, Denver, Philadelphia, and Seattle have all seen some of their key guys go down.

First, we have our own Michael Crabtree, who established himself last year as one of the NFL's top ten receivers. He brutalized opposing secondaries with his ability to make big time catches, and even moreso he made a name for himself by turning five yard curls into fifteen, twenty, and twenty-five yard gains by breaking tackles. We all know his presence will be missed, but is he the biggest name who will be missed this season, or for the majority of the season? Will his missed presence prove to be too much for the 49ers to overcome?

Next, we have the oft-injured Percy Harvin.Seattle fans proclaimed Harvin as the weapon necessary to put the Seahawks atop the NFC West, and it may or may not be possibly true. Although due to his latest hip injury, we will not know for another solid four months, AT THE LEAST! Harvin was supposed to be the jack of all trades, swiss army knife for the Seahawks this year, and the FO put a great deal of stock into Harvin with his new contract and investing three solid draft picks for the speedster. Due to his versatility, and Seattle's need for a playmaker, after their WR's ranked near last in almost every major receiving category, is Harvin the biggest detriment to his team to go down this year thus far?

Next, we have another young wide-out, who goes by the name of Jeremy Maclin. Installing a new offense, especially one as innovative as Phili's, requires all talent and hands to be on-deck. Well, a big, and arguably the most important pair of hands from Phili will be missing. Maclin, will be out this year and will miss what will at the very least be an entertaining watch in Philidelphia. Due to the installment of a new offense, and Maclin's role as the teams number one, is his loss the most detrimental to his team?

Although not a receiver, next, we have another pass-catcher in TE, Dennis Pitta. Pitta was pegged by many to truly break out this season, after the departure of wide-out Boldin. Pitta and Flacco have grown to truly develop some great chemistry together, and it truly showed in some clutch situations last year. Flacco has faith in Pitta over the middle, and especially on third downs, but now he will have to put that trust into someone else. Quite often we find that QB's have comfort in knowing they have a guy they can dump a little four yard pass to, and they know that their guy will catch it over the middle...Well, Flacco's truly going to have to earn that money this year, because his "security blanket" is down with a season-ending injury...Is Pitta's injury the most vital to his team's success?

Finally, we have the one guy who is not a receiver, but the position he plays is arguably just as vital. With that being said we have the now injured Dan Koppen, C from the Denver Broncos..As Peyton Manning's Center, I am almost assuredly positive the center pkays a key role in the some million-odd checks Peyton makes at the LOS. With Koppen out for the year, the Broncos are going to have to shift over a Guard to take his place. With this change and shuffling of the line, does this make Koppen's injury the worst of all? Is Koppen's injury the most threatening to his team's chance at success??

So, fellow NN'ers...Which player's injury will have the biggest impact on his teams chances of success??

Also, if I missed any players who are out for a good portion of the season, please let me know....Please share your thoughts, opinions, and ideas in the comments section below, but I do ask please be respectful as we all are 49ers fans...and we all, ultimately, share the same goal...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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