Post KC and AJJ Trade - Roster Projections

In what I'm sure will be a massive overreaction to recent events, here are my latest projections for the 53:

QB (3) - Kaepernick, McCoy, Daniels

RB (4) - Gore, Hunter, James, Dixon

FB (1) - Miller

WR (6) - Boldin, Williams, Moore, Patton, Collie, Baldwin

TE (3) - Davis, McDonald, Celek

OT (2) - Staley, Davis

OG (4) - Iupati, Boone, Snyder, Looney

C (2) - Goodwin, Kilgore

DL (6) - Smith, McDonald, Williams, Dorsey, Dobbs, Tufuaku

OLB (5) - Smith, Brooks, Lemonier, Haralson, Skuta

ILB (4) - Willis, Bowman, Wilhoite, Moody

CB (5) - Brown, Rogers, Asoumgha, Cox, Brock

S (5) - Reid, Whitner, Dahl, Spillman, Robinson

K (1) - Dawson

P (1) - Lee

LS (1) - Jennings

PS - Gray, Bykowski, Hampton, Johnson, Thomas, Cooper, Okoye, Lockette

NFI/PUP: Crabtree, Manningham, Wright, Carradine, Lattimore, Dial, Marquardt

A couple picks I think are worth explaining:

First, BJ Daniels on the 53 man roster instead of the PS. Obviously Daniels has shown some flashes during the preseason and will get a chance to expand on that against Minny. He may even be our #2 QB by the time the regular season rolls around. Unless he totally bombs against the Vikes, I'm fairly certain a QB needy team would claim him off waivers if we tried to sneak him onto the PS.

Second, the WR situation. From Harbaugh's recent remarks it looks like Boldin, Williams and Moore are locks for roster spots. Patton will almost certainly get one as well since he was a relatively high draft pick and showed promise. That leaves the rest of the WRs (Collie, Baldwin, Hall, Jacobs, Osgood, Lockette) competing for two spots. Moore's ST ability eliminates Osgood, in my opinion, and pushes Lockette to the practice squad. I think Collie will win one of them as long as he remains healthy, since we are short on veteran WRs and he has never been dropped for lack of production or age, just injuries. I'm guessing that Baldwin will edge out the other since he brings a combo of size (6'4"/230#) and athleticism (42" vertical) that no one else at the position can match, and the Niners probably want to evaluate him more thoroughly. He'll be on a short leash though - if he can't pick up the playbook quickly he's a prime candidate to be released when Manningham returns from the PUP list.

Next, OLB. Cam Johnson has shown some promise in the last two preseason games, and I tried to find a spot for him on the active roster but I couldn't. I toyed with the idea of cutting Haralson but decided that I think the team would want a veteran presence. Lemonier wouldn't clear waivers, and Skuta is there as a ST specialist. I think the best plan is to hope he clears waivers and stash him on the PS for another year.

So, there you have it.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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